Dancing Dogs Celebrate

National Dance Day

Did you celebrate on National Dance Day? We decided to showcase some of our favourite talented dancing dogs from Talent Hounds and a few from YouTube. Dancing is a fun way to get active, build fitness, balance, strength and focus for both humans and our canine companions. Canine freestyle has been gaining popularity amongst the dog training community because of how mentally and physically stimulating it is. Plus it’s a great way to bond with your dog and always fun to perform or watch.

Enjoy our video round-up of furry party animals showing off their best dance moves:


Cutest Dancing Dog Twyla Tharp shows off her incredible moves and talent. This adorable little miniature poodle spins, flips, turns and jumps like a true star.


Amazing dancing Golden Retriever Dog Bob Fosse dazzles with moves and talent.


Cute dancing chihuahua Harley performs with mom Trish (Pawesome Pet Photography)


Beautiful Dancing Golden Retriever Dog Gwen Verdon amazes the crowd dancing with owner Cassandra.


Dancing chihuahua rescue puppy has great salsa dance moves. She performed and made us smile at the Casting Call for the Talent Hounds film for Pet Network.


Roxi the white poodle is such a great dancer and jumper, it never ends!


You’ll fall in love with adorable little puppy Carbon‘s twirls.

Amazing Dancing Dogs On YouTube:

Ashleigh and Pudsey Britain’s Got Talent Audition

Amazing Dancing Merengue Dog – such a talented dog.

Kate and Gin in Britain’s Got Talent 

Dancing Chihuahua

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