This Thankful Thursday we are showing our love to Deaf Rescue Dogs and their Rescuers, Fosters and Owners and featuring Lordshop, (a hearing puppy) from Moosonee Puppy Rescue.

Our good friend and renowned trainer Melissa Millett, (read her Training Tuesday articles HERE) recently added a new member to her family. She decided to rescue Nitro, a hearing impaired dog who was living in a high kill shelter. This is her story which she also shared on CP24 Animal House Calls this week.

Nitro 1


Deaf dogs are often overlooked in shelters as people think they may be more prone to aggression or are too difficult to train. Although aggression is possible with any dog of any breed and disability, a hearing impaired dog does not equate aggression, loss of thinking or trainability. There are many wonderful, happy and well trained deaf dogs-they just need the training plan modified a little!

Melissa was looking for her next superstar stunt dog when Nitro was brought to her attention though Rock n’ Rescue, a rescue run by teens and college students in the Rochester area (listed on Pet Finder). She wanted a very normal, active and intelligent dog who loves people, children and other dogs. Nitro fit the bill, he just happens to be deaf. She thought, why should that stop him from becoming an incredible performer, like her other two hearing dogs? She decided to take a gamble on him. He is in training to join the Ultimutts Stunt Dog Show with his sisters Bell and Sophia who can walk tight ropes, hold handstands and read cue cards. See our videos.

Nitro Aussie Pup

While there are setbacks to having a deaf dog like getting his attention, there can also be factors that make training easier. When Nitro is focused on his trainer-he doesn’t hear the distractions and can then tune them out significantly better than a hearing dog.

Melissa explains that although there may be challenges that a hearing dog doesn’t pose, the love and warmth you feel from any dog is the same. Having a deaf dog will still require more effort on your part as you have to get up to get their attention much more frequently since you do not have the luxury of calling the dog away from something. But it is not a reason to overlook a wonderful dog that you are considering adopting. All dogs take work. But consider saving a special needs pup, it can be a life changing and very rewarding experience for both of you!

Adoptable Dog of the Day- LORDSHIP– a Collie Husky Mix – what a cutie!


From Moosonee Puppy Rescue, Bracebridge, ON  705-764-1478.

They began in 2003 saving dogs from isolated northern Ontario Communities. We met the amazing volunteers from The Moosonee Puppy Rescue at an event in Toronto and one of their handsome Happy Tails Rescue Dogs appears in Talent Hounds. We met him at a casting call at Holiday Pet Care.

The puppies are only placed in homes where people are with them during the day. They have had a harsh beginning in life and can never feel abandoned again. The home page is

Lordship was born into rescue care after his Mom was flown out of Attawapiskat. He is a proud yet humble boy who simply wants a chance to love and be loved back in return. Think about adopting and supporting!

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