So much fun seeing all the cute dogs today- seemed they could spot similar breeds and rushed over for a sniff front, then back, then front snuggle. So many stylish and cute friends.

TH Woofstock rescue

Who can resist this Dachshund rescue cutie?

TH Woofstock FashionistaTH Woofstock cool

Look at these stylish girls!

TH Woofstock rescue Bowie puppy

This little sweetie rescue Bowie was abused and needs surgery to mend his hind leg- can anyone help?

THY Woofstock cuteTH Woofstock pug

Best smiles!

TH Woofstock yorkieTH Woofstock C Spanieles cute

Too cute!

TH Woofstock climb onTH Woofstock gentle giant

TH Woofstcok dog bedTH Woofstock BT puppy luv

Puppy luv and Puppy dog bed BOL!

TH Woofstock TinypawsTH Woofstock wiener rescue fest

Wiener rescue fest- Tiny Paws Rescues

TH Woofstcok Soph & bully

TH Woofstock cute golden puppy

TH Woofstock American Eskie pup

TH Woofstock Afghan

TH Woofstock rescue2

TH Woofstock lovely rescues Calgary

TH Woofstock adorable pair

TH Woofstock Geisha

TH Woofstock cute 2

TH Woofstock puppy DDD

TH Woofstock groupTH Woofstock dress

TH Woofstock Dog Guide puppy

TH Woofstock cute strollers

TH Woofstock Bella bike

TH Woofstock poodle

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