Dog Trainer Profile : Gillian Ridgeway

Dog Trainer Gillian Ridgeway of Who’s Walking Who spoke to Talent Hounds about Dog Actors

Dog Trainer Gillian Ridgeway
The Talent Hounds crew was in Ajax at Who’s Walking Who for our Casting Call Auditions on Dec 2.
Who’s Walking Who is owned and operated by Gillian Ridgeway, a well-respected trainer with many years’ experience. Talent Hounds was at the intimate dog training studio on the hunt for cuties, tricksters, athletes, and rescue success stories.
Ridgeway explained to our Talent Hounds correspondent that when she started training dogs in her youth, there were no training schools or the compendium of books, videos, manuals that are widely available as there are today. She had to learn the ropes by doing (becoming a dog training apprentice in 1972) and having a passion for both dogs and people only to later acquiring further training.

First Book – Citizen Canine

This need for vital dog training information led Gillian to write one of the early driving books on dog training called “Citizen Canine”. Gillian has since written many articles over the years on dog training based on her expertise and experience.

Noah and Yardley together at the Talent Hounds live casting call event at Who’s Walking Who.

Becoming a Dog Actor

Besides training people to train their dogs, Gillian has trained a few notable dog stars in her time. Her most popular actor and long-time companion was a terrier mix named Levi who had that special something. Gillian explained: “Most dogs, and even human actors, just look at the camera but stars have that special ability to jump through the lens and reach out and grab people at home pulling them in. And Levi had that ability. The camera just loved that dog!” And who can deny this statement when looking at his adorable star-quality face seen in many films and TV commercials before sadly passing away a few years ago. Currently, Ridgway has three dogs: Noah, a gorgeous Pyrenean Shepherd,  and Yardly, an English Cocker Spaniel and London, an adorably cute new Border Terrier pup.

Success= Training People to Train their Dogs

Success is often a matter of training people to train their dogs. It should be positive, consistent and fun.

To learn more about Who’s Walking Who dog training facilities, visit their website. To find out more about the Talent Hounds Casting Call at Who’s Walking Who and watch the audition videos from that day visit our Behind the Scenes blog.


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