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Last chance to send us your photos videos and stories of rescue dogs, puppies, fit dogs and service or therapy dogs that rock. Inspire others. We will finish editing next week.

Happy Wordless Wednesday

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  • Do you have many photos of dogs with such talents at the computer like this one submitted so far? 😉

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      No LOL. Sweetie is pretty special, but we have some amazing dogs who make a big difference in the lives of their people. I can’t wait to finish editing and share the documentary series. Their stories are very inspiring. XS

  • Piranha Banana 4 years ago

    I am a working dog and help other doggies in my community. I am a splurge – not a rescue… but I will cheer on others who have overcome homelessness and do great things. All my doggie siblings are rescues!

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      Hi Piranha Banana,
      You are an inspiration! I’d love to see more of the therapy work you do. We are doing 4 new episodes, and while we always try to encourage people to consider adoption and avoid supporting puppy mills, only 1 episode is 100% about rescues. Many of the Service and Therapy dogs, and the Fit dogs and Puppies in the other 3 episodes are not rescues- they still totally rock!. Happy to include your siblings Weasel, Daisy and Monkey in that rescues episode? hugs Susie at Talent Hounds

  • Love the picture! 🙂 Soon our dogs will need their own laptops! Good luck to all the entrants!

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      Hi there,
      Isn’t it cute- such concentration looking for her photo. Too funny.
      Not a contest this time. Just looking for fun photos and stories. X Susie from Talent Hounds

  • Happy Wordless Wednesday- You are our neighbor today and we always say hi to our neighbors first. Hope you find super talented dogs!

  • Love the picture and keep up the good work.

  • Looks like you guys have some great help with your editing. I bet your story will be pawsome 🙂

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    Hi Talent Hounds…….Love this picture….Thanks!