We were so impressed and fascinated by the difference dogs can make in people’s live when we filmed the One hour Talent Hounds doc. We really wanted to explore the potential further. Thank you to The Pet Network, CMF , Bell Fund and our amazing community, who all helped us realize this dream. We met some wonderful selfless, generous dogs and people, many of whom I now consider valued friends (or frens). But I feel we only just scratched the surface and look forward to doing more research on the power of dogs, especially with kids (autism, reading), anxiety and PTSD.

We are excited to launch the new Dogs Make A Difference TV Trailer for the Talent Hounds episode coming this Wednesday to the Pet Network.

In this new episode “Dogs Make  A Difference”, we celebrate the amazing human dog bond. Be prepared to lose your heart  to the service, “surfice” and therapy dogs we celebrate.


Meet stars including Dog Guides like Keats, NSD Dogs like Chester and Flicka, and therapy dogs lke Olie, Gussie, Bocker Labradoodle, Surf Dog Ricochet, Gizmo the Wonder Doglet, Chopper the Biker Dog, Lucy, Zoe The Therapy Dog, Therapy Pugs, Hero, Harley, Piranha Banana, Carma Poodale, Muttley Cyrus, Garth, Smiley (above in photo), Caleb and many more. Each one makes a difference teaching, healing and helping humans and other animals.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped on this labour of love. You all rock. Dogs are the best.



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