Today is the 45th annual Earth Day

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Climate change is probably one of the greatest threats facing our planet.  Greenhouse gas emissions are rising  and as a result, the world is warming more quickly. Earth’s average temperature has risen by 1.4°F over the past century, and is projected to rise another 2 to 11.5°F over the next hundred years. Small changes in the average temperature of the planet can translate to large and potentially dangerous shifts in climate and weather. The speed of at which current climate change is happening, can make it difficult to adapt.  Many places have seen changes in rainfall, resulting in more floods, droughts, or intense rain, as well as more frequent and severe heat waves or storms or winds. The planet’s oceans and glaciers have also experienced some big changes – oceans are warming and becoming more acidic, ice caps are melting, and sea levels are rising.
Some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people will be the most affected by global warming. Rising sea levels, droughts, floods, storms, heat waves and other catastrophic events will disrupt food production and threaten vitally important wildlife and their habitat.
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Here are just a few simple IDEAS to help you “go green”:

Making a few small changes in your home, lifestyle and garden can reduces greenhouse gas emissions and save you money.
1) Reduce, reuse, and recycle : this can help conserve energy and reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from resource extraction, manufacturing, and disposal.
2) Walk and bike more (walking is made easier if you have a dog of course).  Avoid driving your car where possible, or at least one day per month
3) Insulate your home and reduce energy consumption.  Turn lights off when not in use, maintain and replace equipment. Go high efficiency.
4) Buy green and energy efficient 
– biodegradeable poop bags to pick up your poop,
– replace your most frequently used light fixtures or the lightbulbs in them withENERGY STAR® qualified products and you will help the environment while saving $70 a year on energy bills. ENERGY STAR lighting provides bright, warm light; generates 75% less heat; uses about 75% less energy than standard lighting; and lasts from 10 to 50 times longer.
5) Use less water and adjust your water heater.
6) Be green in your yard – plant more trees and flowers, compost.
7) Buy Local
8) Spread the word

The 2015 Earth Flag pledge is:

I pledge to make Earth Day Every Day and reduce my carbon footprint.

Earth Day Network’s year-round mission is to broaden, diversify and activate the environmental movement worldwide, through a combination of education, public policy, and consumer campaigns


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  • This article blows my toenail story out of the water. Thank you for the Earth Day piece!

  • I love the idea of making every day Earth Day! We need to take care of our planet, it’s the only one we’ve got to live on! (for now anyway LOL!). Great suggestions, sharing.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them