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While researching for “How to grow your Facebook Page“, we were thrilled by how many dogs we found with huge Facebook followings. Some because of the amazing work they do, others because they post so many adorable photos. It really seems to be about personality cults in Social Media.

Here is our list of some Top Dogs so far. Check out what they are doing well and let’s all share LIKES and make more friends:

Boo – 9.4M Fans


“My name is Boo. I am a dog. Life is good.”

Yep life is good when you are Boo, the World’s Cutest Dog!

Beast – 1.7M Fans


A Puli, which is a type of Hungarian Sheepdog, Beast is the adorable fluff ball to Mark Zuckerberg and Cilla Chan. He is extremely cute.

Kupo – 847K Fans


This cutie caused quite a stir when his web designer owner decided to try her hand at pet blogging with Kupo was just a puppy. Now look at his page!

Doge – 457 K Fans


Following the success of this Shiba Inu Doge meme (wow such meme) came the Facebook Fan page! Submit your own Doge meme and be featured!

Shunsuke – 433K Fans


Check out this adorable Pomeranian in various outfits and poses…all are adorable and totally give Boo a run for cutest pom!

Mishka the Talking Huskey – 388 K Fans


Meet Mishka, the talking Husky. Mishka has over 100 million video views on one Youtube video where she clearly says ” I love you” !

Schoep (and John) –383K Fans


View the official Fan Page of Schoep and John: Schoep being cradled in John’s arms in Lake Superior, by photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson of StonehousePhoto. The strength of this image and the feeling of love you get from it is overwhelming. No wonder the photo and story went viral!

Larry the Dog  -344K Fans


Larry is a love-a-bull dog raising pawsitive Pit Bull awareness! Larry is just one of many pit bull representing their breed and other bully breeds in the best way they can – as a sweet, loving, kind and compassionate animal. Help Larry fight to end BSL and get rid of the poor reputation dogs like him have!

Surf Dog Ricochet, the SURFice Dog! – 214K Fans


Surf Dog Ricochet is the only known dog in the world that surfs with kids with special needs, people with disabilities and wounded warriors as an assistive aid & SURFice dog. Catch her in our up coming TV episode celebrating working dogs !

Elle the Pit Bull -200K Fans


2013 American Hero Dog

Rosie – 196 K Fans


Rosie was born on Valentine’s Day 2010 a victim of greedy and unethical behaviour by a backyard breeder and dog hoarder in Woodland Hills, CA. Of all the dogs rescue workers got out of there, Rosie is in the worst shape. This is a page set up in her honour and to shed light on the horrible cruelty that happens everyday to dogs! Adopt don’t Shop!

Manny The Frenchie – 189K Fans


Manny is a 3 year old French Bulldog. He is the world’s most popular bulldog on the internet with over a million fans from across the globe.

Lentil – 134K Fans


The “Ambassadog for changing the way people view clefts in both animals and humans,”

Lentil is a french bulldog pup who was born on 2/2/2013 with a severe cleft hard/soft palate, lip, and nose. Although, at times, it seems as if all odds are against him- this kid is a fighter! He was being fostered through FBRN. hopes you check out French Bulldog Rescue to help other dogs in need.

Juno of Juno’s Place 123.9 K Famns


Stacey Mae – 95.5 K Fans


The original stuffed animal program benefiting elders in nursing homes & kids in hospitals.

A  4 year old Boston Terrier – “Biker Dog”. MISSION: To bring Smiles, Joy, Love & Happiness to ALL. “Making a difference in life, one ‘Paw’ at a time”

Misa Minnie -95K Fans


When mom first got Misa the goal a pic a day! She is now an internet success with the most adorable face!

Chubbs the Wampug -84.3 K Fans


This adorable adopted pug got his fame from the viral video of him dressed in a Wampa suit! Heres his fan page for more cute photos of this pug.

Denver the Guilty Dog – 71K Fans


We’ve all seen the video of this legendary guilty dog! The Denver Guilty Video is nearly 3 years old and is more viral today than ever. Her video has gained global recognition both socially and on tv. Currently the hits on YouTube are near 33 million and growing daily! She now has her own Children’s books and can be found at

Corgnelius – 46.1 K Fans


Corgnelius (aka Corgi) aka best names Corgi! He’s just too sweet!

Harley -40K Fans
“If I had the power I would close down all commercial dog breeding facilities (aka puppy mills). But since a little dog such as myself cannot do everything, I will start small and try to educate people, make them aware and teach them to ‘adopt don’t shop’.”

We love Harley message, adopt don’t shop. Many don’t know the horror that is a puppy mill and thanks to many on this list hopefully they will get educated and make smart ethical decisions when it comes to pet care.

Tuna Melt -33.4K Fans


Tuna is an adorable 3 year-old Chiweenie who was born with an aggressive overbite and a lower jawline-dysfunction. He also has 5 moles surrounding his mouth, a crumbled chin and a neck that looks like he has been soaking in a bathtub for days! Those who can see past his irregularities will also adore him for them. They have eyes see his true beauty because true beauty captivates our hearts and not just our eyes.

Is your dog a Facebook Star? Share you dogs page in Comments or on our Facebook Page and we’ll add it to the list!
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