Talent Hounds a Smash Hit at the All About Pets Show with Pet Network


What a fantastic weekend we had at the All About Pets Show, leading up to the Premiere of Talent Hounds on Monday night! The Pet Network was a media sponsor and the booth looked amazing with beautiful new signage, flat screen TVs and of course a spinning prize wheel and grand prize draw. We got to hang out with the Pet Network programming and marketing teams, as well as lovely host Laura and the producers from Fido & Wine.
We debuted the Talent Hounds film trailer and had a blast giving away tons of Pet Network prizes, our very own Talent Hound tees and colouring sets, as well as prizes from our friends. Spots-Light provided collars, harnesses and leashes that make pet safety simple! Super Scoopy: Pet Clean-Up bags provided us with a massive box of eco-friendly bags (that came in very handy for dogs passing by) and cute reusable pouches for dogs on the go.  Some lucky individuals even walked away with books by Dr. Bruce Fogle, veterinarian and dog expert and star of the Talent Hounds Documentary!

Karin Lefler was thrilled to win our grand prize draw of a 32” flat screen TV which was dropped off yesterday- woohoo!

Many of our Talent Hounds friends came out to support us, catch a glimpse of their dog in the trailer, participate in events and enjoy the spectacles of the show! A big shout out and warm thank you to all._MG_1070

Adorable rescue success story and TV star Linzy (picture above) and mom Reta were on hand to wow the crowd with charm, tricks and fun fashions. Seeing-impaired Arthur  (below on stage) and wheel-chair superstar Heidi had no trouble drawing in a crowd with their amazing stories of perseverance. Mom Margaret, of Helping Homeless Pets, was on hand to answer any questions. Dexter, Peppermint and Alana of Dexter’s Rufflife also stopped by to hang out at the booth and strut their stuff in a fashion show.  We also had a great visit from talented, well-groomed TV star poodle Daniel and his lovely mom.


We’d like to say thanks to everyone for stopping by including Marcy & family (Mom of the very talented Sweetie and Lulu), Jo Anne & family (Mom of talented and beautiful Piper Cub), friends from Gemini K9 and Toronto Police Services, Renee DeVilliers from All About Dogs, Mary (Mom of the adorable Twizzler), camera woman Cat Cuppuccio and photographer Trish Aleve of Pawsome Pet Photography (Mom of Buster, Harley and adorable foster Hollywood), Gillian Ridgeway from Who’s Walking Who and her adorable puppy, Heather McLean from RUFF SPORT and her Fast and Furry team of fabulous dogs and people (sponsored by our friends at Bullwrinkles), Danielle LeVangie from the Red Barn Event Centre, Kate of  Dog-Ma Rescue (Mom of Big Al, Little Alex and Buddy), Marni with Great Danes Dolce and Divo (who’s really grown since we saw him last),  Melissa from In Dogs We Trust with Bella and Sophia and many more!

So many great new people stopped by the booth as well, not only to spin the wheel for some free swag from Pet Network, Talent Hounds, Super Scoopy Bags, Spots-light and more, but also to share stories and photos of their wonderful dogs. We all shared one thing in common, our love for dogs.


We are constantly looking to include more much loved Talent Hounds on www.talenthounds.ca. We can’t wait to see all the new submissions to the site!

Be on the alert as we post some great coverage and interviews from the All About Pets show via our “Roving Rover” reporters over the next few weeks! We will be doing a Rescue Round Up and a download on the amazing experts we met like Dr Stanley Coren and others.


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  • Hi – my dog had auditioned for the Talent Hounds documentary, and I don’t have the Pet Channel on my cable package, so I am wondering if there is a way that I can view the documentary – is it on the website somewhere? Thank you so much – I would love to see it!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Thanks so much- we are currently looking at other ways to show the film with Pet Network, and also doing more episodes. We will let you know soon. Would you be interested in a screening somewhere in Toronto? TH

  • It looks like you had quite a crowd lined up to spin the Prize Wheel.