Celebrities in the Music Industry Save Rescue Dogs’ Lives.

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 Dean Brody, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, and more are helping man’s best friend!

It’s no secret that two of the best things in life are dogs and music. It is no surprise that more than a few pups have been seen by the side of famous musicians and music producers around the world. Perhaps you’ve seen Miley Cyrus and her adorable rescue dogs, Baylor, Selena Gomez’s furbaby, Snoop Dog and his pack,  or Simon Cowell’s twin Terriers, Squiddly and Diddly, in recording studios on the L.A. strip. Simon has a real soft spot for dogs as we saw recently on America’s Got Talent with our amazing friends Sara and Hero the Super Collie (grab a tissue – life changing for them).

Simon Cowell poses with one of his dogs in a post protesting the dog meat trade on Instagram and Twitter. Photo from @simoncowellofficial

Simon Cowell poses with one of his dogs in a post protesting the dog meat trade on Instagram and Twitter. Photo from @simoncowellofficial

Dogs and music both bring us so much joy, it is certainly something worth singing about (in fact, check out our Top Dog Songs list). More and more singers, producers, and songwriters are adopting animals and working with shelters. With so many pups helping to inspire their owners in the music world, it makes sense that big musicians are giving back in big ways!

Dean Brody Gets his “Puppy Time”

Dean Brody makes sure to schedule a little “Puppy Time” when he’s on tour, often visiting dogs from local humane societies and shelters. The whole band and crew get to come along and have a little dog therapy on the road, enjoying all the pup snuggles they can before a big show.

In a post on Facebook, The Peterborough Humane Society thanked him for his support:

“Wow. Thank you, Dean Brody. Puppy time in support of Humane Societ[ies in] every community he goes to.”

Dean makes sure to share pictures from the shelters to get animals adopted, it’s a great partnership between celeb and pups!

Dean Brody with two pugs from the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society during Puppy Time. Photo from @deanbrody

Dean Brody with two pugs from the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society during Puppy Time. Photo from @deanbrody

Miranda Lambert Founded “MuttNation” to end animal cruelty

Miranda Lambert is a country music star with a huge place in her heart for abandoned animals. She started trying to rescue in the third grade and volunteered at the Humane Society of East Texas in her teens which led to her adopting Delilah. Then one night before the ACM country music awards she found a little puppy, now named Delta Dawn, in a fast food parking lot. She immediately took the sick puppy in and began nursing her back to health while on her tour in Las Vegas.   Since then, she has adopted several other dogs including a one pound Chihuahua named Cher, a Golden named Jessie, a hound named Betty.

MuttNation website

Her love of mutts of all shapes and sizes lead her to found the “MuttNation” charity focused on ending animal cruelty and saving the lives of shelter animals.

To promote awareness and raise funds, the exciting MuttNation™ Fueled by Miranda Lambert collection of pet products from Petmate® features a country chic feel with a rock & roll flair, vintage prints and antique hardware that are all inspirations of Miranda Lambert’s signature style. The full line includes bedding, collars, leashes, toys, apparel, accessories, feeding and watering products.

“I am really excited to see all our hard work and great product now available, I hope y’all love it as much as we do. I know my dogs do!” says Miranda. “I really hope that we can raise awareness to the joy of adopting a shelter pet through our MuttNation product line.”

In keeping with that goal, this year at Global Pet Expo I saw that the product line was highlighted by the Rescue Mutts, collection of six plush dogs – each toy pup was created from a real-life rescue dog with its own story. Each tale is a touching depiction of the dog’s adoption and their new family. This particular toy is very close to Miranda’s heart, as her own dog Delilah was her very first rescue and is featured in the Rescue Mutt collection.

Through donations, sales of MuttNation merchandise, tour merchandise, events, and concerts, the charity works to build animal shelters, encourage responsible pet care, run spay/neuter clinics and rehabilitate sick or unsocial animals. That’s no one-note organization!

This past June Miranda organized the MuttNation March in Nashville, the heart of the country music scene, to raise money for the charity. She also organized an adoption drive timed with the Country Music Awards #CMAFest2017.

Miranda teased followers with this pic of some of the dogs who would be at #CMAFest2017 on her instagram @mirandalambert

Miranda teased followers with this pic of some of the dogs who would be at #CMAFest2017 on her instagram @mirandalambert

In the end “60 dogs found homes at MuttNations adoption drive at #CMAFest this year”- Source @mirandalambert instagram

Carrie Underwood helped open a new animal shelter

Carrie is dedicated to finding a home for every animal. In an interview with News on 6, she said that she has ” been rescuing dogs since the third grade,” and that she  “brought one home on the school bus, [she] got a bunch of napkins from the bathroom and wrapped it up so the bus driver wouldn’t see it, and took it home.”
Carrie Underwood celebrates her rescue dogs on #Nationalloveyourpetday. Photo from @carrieunderwood

Carrie Underwood celebrates her rescue dogs on #Nationalloveyourpetday. Photo from @carrieunderwood

After her success with hits like “Before He Cheats,” singer Carrie Underwood established the Checotah Animal Town and School Foundation to buy musical instruments for kids in her hometown. Soon enough, the charity was funding the spay and neuter clinic of the local shelter and by 2011 Carrie funded the building of a brand new shelter for the town’s deserving pets. The shelter even covers the adoption fee for all animals in its care, making sure every pup gets a chance.

Emmylou Harris Opens Bonaparte’s Retreat Dog Rescue

Emmylou Harris' foundations website

Emmylou Harris’ Rescue Website

Blue Kentucky girl Emmylou Harris believes that people and pets deserve a second chance, and she founded Bonaparte’s Retreat Dog Rescue with that sentiment in mind. The singer established the second chances program in 2015 to help rehabilitate dogs while providing training to female offenders as well. The partnership has created employment pathways for women in correctional facilities to start their new lives in careers such as dog training, grooming, and animal welfare. Empathy and organizational skills are taught to female offenders in order to help them gain and keep employment opportunities. 
Sheriff Darin Hall of Davidson County had praise for the program:
“The dogs get a second chance to thrive in a loving and safe environment, and our offenders receive a second chance to demonstrate a positive impact in society.”

Country Music pairs well with rescue hounds

 Topcountry.ca, Canada’s top online source for country music news, recently did a collaboration charity calendar with our friends from T.E.A.M. Dog Rescue featuring some of the top stars in country music. Dean Brody, Johnny Reid, Jess Moskaluke and Tim Hicks are amongst the stars who posed with their puppy BFFs to share their rescue stories and take the cutest pictures! The exclusive calendars sold for $20 each, with all the proceeds going to the Canadian charitable shelter. We love ours.
 Top Country TEAM calendar for Rescues
T.E.A.M. Dog Rescue focuses on getting animals out of high kill shelters in Ontario and Quebec and into their loving forever homes. This cause is so important, why not support them by getting to put your favourite musicians up on your wall? It’s a win-win!

 PawPup room at the MMVAs is a huge hit with pooch-loving musicians

If you tuned into the MMVAs along with millions of other Canadians, you might have seen Katy Perry, Lorde, and all the other hot names in Hollywood music. You may have also seen segments on the real stars of the evening: the puppies in the Pawpup room! The dogs at the red carpet event were up for adoption, and some celebs were tempted to take them home along with their awards!  Located in the press circuit for the event, the puppies relaxed the celebrities and made their interviews easier. Many didn’t want to leave (we can’t blame them).

Celebs in the PawPup room at the MMVAs. Photo from @mmvasofficial

Celebs in the PawPup room at the MMVAs. Photo from @mmvasofficial

Producer for the even Kyle Joe told Billboard Magazine that “stars tried to come in multiple times and were upset that they couldn’t stay the whole night. We had to nudge Shay Mitchell out and she, jokingly, tried to steal one. Camila didn’t want to be anywhere else and both said it was the best thing Much has ever done. I heard Darren Criss was allergic, but that didn’t stop him.”

The pups were all guests from “Finding Them Homes” rescue in Ontario, a foster run rescue that does exactly what it’s named for: bringing puppies to their fur-ever families along with running spay/neuter clinics in remote areas. Cuddling with celebrities is just a perk!

 Do you have a rescue dog or a story about a music celebrity giving back? Tell us in the comments.

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