Bocker’s Spirit and Legacy of Spreading Love Live On

Susie and Bocker Labradoodle Kissing

Susie enjoying one of Bocker Angel’s legendary kisses.

At Talent Hounds, our mission is to inspire, educate, entertain and connect dog lovers. We explore how dogs enrich our lives and how to bring out the best in them. One of the most enriching things that has come out of making the Talent Hounds Documentary TV series and starting this blog is that we have connected with some amazing friends.  We first met Bocker Labradoodle and Marie online five years ago as we became aware of and inspired by their efforts as a therapy dog team and their other good works. Angel Bocker was an amazing dog who brought people together. We drove down to meet them in person at an Animal Rights charitable event in Albany, one of many they supported. It was the start of a wonderful friendship. We are honored that the friendship continues today.

TH Susie, Marie & Bocker 1
We were devastated when Bocker was diagnosed with cancer. We were so proud when he and Marie fought hard for 2 years and kicked cancer’s butt. They did so much to help other cancer victims, both human and canine. We were gutted when he passed away and extremely worried about Marie. How would she survive this unthinkable loss?


Marie was able to survive by honoring Angel Bocker’s  memory and remembering all the good things he stood for and did. She went on helping others, even through her grief and pain.
Then last Christmas, a close friend had the most incredible gift for her. A new life and love. She was certainly not looking for another dog and at first was very reluctant. But when she met this little Doodle, he made her smile and she knew he was special too. We were so happy to see Marie full of purpose again. An energetic, enthusiastic, lovable doodle puppy can not walk or train or feed himself ..yet.
The legacy of an amazing dog continues as Marie copes with loss by doing good. Following in Angel Bocker's footsteps, meet Bocker Jr
We were even happier when we could finally get together to meet Bocker II AKA Bocker Jr AKA Baby Bocker or BB. What a cutie!! He looks very different from Angel Bocker, but he has something special in his big brown eyes like Angel Bocker did. You can meet him in the video below.


He is still a puppy so he is doing lots of training but he is a good, sweet, affectionate boy and seems to love people and learn quickly. He has already done one modelling job for Ruby’s costumes and thoroughly enjoyed himself (he looked adorable too). Marie plans to see if he enjoys therapy work when is is ready.
Marie told me:
We will continue with the good works and love that Angel Bocker lived by and  travel down the path that he set out for us,,,to do good and spread love.  His spirit will always be with us and guiding us.
Thank you Talent Hounds for helping Bocker’s legacy live on.”
Marie and Bocker’s latest efforts include fundraising for those in desperate need through adorable socks. Proceeds from the sales of these socks will go towards assisting The Best Friends Animal Rescue efforts in Houston & Florida, as well as The Humane Society International rescue/rehousing efforts in Mexico and Puerto Rico. I bought a few pairs for myself and for holiday gifts and will give away one pair- giveaway details to follow. You can buy yours here for a limited time.

We will also donate all Ad Revenue from the video above to support their efforts for the next 6 weeks so Watch the Video, Share, Comment and Subscribe to the YouTube Channel.

You can follow Bocker on Facebook HERE and Instagram @bocker

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  • kelly 1 week ago

    What a gorgeous, happy looking dog Bocker was! The diagnosis of cancer is devastating to all. Bocker jr. is one beautiful dog with a twinkle in his eyes. I wish Marie and Bocker Jr all the love and best of luck in their sock fundraising efforts !

  • So sorry to hear about Bocker’s passing. Cancer really bites and we know that all too well, having lost two of the Lapdogs to the evil disease. Thank you for sharing the story.. and Bocker Jr sure is adorable!

  • What wonderful work Angel Bocker has done! I’m so glad to see that BB will be carrying on this wonderful legacy.

  • Oh good grief, the tribute video and poem has me crying. What a beautiful spirit!

    I am glad she has found Bocker Junior. I have always found that new dogs help heal the wounds of losing our dear old friends. We adopted Ruby about a month after we lost Pip to heart disease. She helped all of us heal from the loss of Pip

  • We’re so sorry to hear about Bocker’s passing. Angel continues to do wonderful things, and we’re sure BB will keep his legacy going. These socks are adorable!

  • I have a lump in my throat. The work that Bocker and Marie did was incredible and their efforts are continued by his angel self. I love that Marie has said she will see if Junior enjoys the work. It is so important to recognize that every dog is different and may choose different roles. Whatever he decides, I’m so glad he is helping Marie cope with the loss of Bocker the first. I’m sure they will be an incredible team.

  • Oh, my, I have tears first seeing Bocker’s video…what a beautiful angel and having lost my own beloved Gibson (an epilepsy spokesdog) not all that long ago, I share in the pain of loss and sending huge hugs. And then I read on and have even more tears (happy now) from meeting adorable Bocker, Jr.! What a loving tribute to an amazing dog (Angel Bocker) – to carry on his legacy. Beautiful post.

  • I hesitated to read this since I lost my friend and business partner of the furry kind to cancer also. Puppies have a way of healing our hearts so this gift was a true blessing that will continue to bless others…❤️

  • It’s always hard when we lose those fur children who’ve been such an important part of our lives. So happy to hear BB has joined Marie and they can move forward with their lives together.

  • Oh I loved your tribute to Angel Bocker. I’m crying. Bless you for all the charity work you do. Congrats on your new dog, Bocker Jr. He’s adorable too. As a grieving pet parent I have hope that when I get another pet, the timing will be just right like you. Thanks for sharing.

  • Bocker looks like such a great, sweet dog. And so does Bocker Jr.! I hope you raise lots of money for Best Friends Animal Society and Humane Society International, such great causes!