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“Give a dog a name, and he’ll live up to it,” the old expression goes. How do dogs live up to their names? Some stories will surprise you.

Happy birthday ranger!

Over the past few months, Talent Hounds has had the privilege of auditioning hundreds of dogs, and came in contact with countless more. During this journey, we were delighted and surprised to discover how several of the talented hounds got their names. So we asked you how you got your dog’s name and these are some of the stories you shared.


Ranger’s mom Lindsey decided on the name based off of the character “The Lone Ranger” because he was born without littermates and so was a “lone” puppy. Ranger is also known as Ranger Danger and Power Ranger. This Australian Shepherd now performs and competes winning many titles and will soon be working on attaining his Therapy Dog Certificate. This once lone pup will soon heal others. See this master trickster in Talenthounds, and some of his amazing tricks here.

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Sara long searched for her future pooch on Kijiji before finally holding Hero in her arms. It was in that moment that Sarah decided his name. “I just knew…Hero is not only my Super Hero but he is my best friend. He has taken me to places that I never dreamed of and he continues to surprise me. He is truly my Hero.” This intelligent Border Collie has gone on to learn a tremendous amount of tricks, earning a Champion Trick Dog title and appearing in a number of pubic events and on television. Catch him here now in his newest endeavor on Talent hounds!

“Thor and Siren”

When owner Devon came to naming her two pups she drew inspiration from the past. “I’m a huge fan of mythology but I had fully intended on calling Thor, ‘Sherlock’; however when the breeder sent me photos of him Sherlock just didn’t fit. He was too intense and brawny looking and the name Thor just happened.” When it came to Siren, Devon wanted something that still fit with the mythology theme. “Siren is striking and has a lot of spunk to her. She’s also very vocal so Siren was the name that stood out for her.”


Can you guess how Icy got her name?

More Talent Hounds

While on the road we discovered several great stories as well. Like Scaia, named after wine becomes it gets better with age; Icy the corgi – so called because she came from cryogenically frozen sperm; and Starwalker the black standard poodle so dubbed by the 8 year old family member who just happens to be named Luke. Huh, wonder where he got the idea for that name?


Boxer pup Scaia is as sweet as the wine!

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