Dogs Over Dates: #LoveYourDog

Did Your Valentine Have Four Legs This Year?

How did you spend Valentine’s Day? While most people opt for buying flowers, chocolate and going on an expensive date, nothing beats the gift of love. Dogs offer us true unbiased love and companionship, so why not have your dog be your Valentine all year round!

Why Your Dog Is Better Than A Boyfriend + Valentine's Dog Photos

12 Reasons Dogs Make The Best Dates

  1. Your dog isn’t going to expect you to get all dressed up for them. They’ll be just as happy with you in your pajamas.
  2. Your dog is a cheap date. There’s no reason to break the bank by eating at a fancy restaurant when your dog’s going to be just as happy with a home cooked meal or his fave food.
  3. If you’re lucky he might even help clean up after you make dinner (but maybe that’s just Kilo who loves cleaning plates and taking out trash)
  4. Your dog isn’t going to judge you for stuffing your face with chocolates you bought for yourself. (Just don’t share these particular treats with your dog)
  5. Your dog also isn’t going to judge you if you finish the whole bottle of wine by yourself. (And you deserve to treat yo-self!)Kilo the pug loves me Card
  6. Your dog’s not going to argue about watching The Holiday for the 3rd year in a row or try to steal the remote.
  7. Your dog’s definitely not going to turn away any snuggles.
  8. Your dog is never going to break up with you. You don’t have to have any long talks about your relationship.
  9. Your dog won’t ditch you for other “better” plans and you don’t have to try and impress their friends.
  10. Your dog will listen to everything you have to say and never get bored (although Kilo the Pug does nod off occasionally).
  11. Your dog is going to know that sharing the bed with you is the best thing that’s ever happened- and never question it.
  12. Your dog will love you unconditionally, even when you might not be feeling so in love with yourself.

valentines dog

Valentine’s Contest Winner & Entries

Thanks to everyone who entered our “Who’s Your Valentine” Contest. The winners of our random draw for the C$25 Visa Gift Card are Erin and her gorgeous little Bichon/Yorkie mix Maggie. Enjoy.

Maggie the Valentine's Contest Winner Bichon mix

Maggie, an adorable 2.5-year-old Bichon/Yorkie mix

Check out the entries from our Valentines Day Contest in the Gallery Below

They make me smile. Keep a look out for our annual tribute video featuring all these beautiful dogs.

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