Get Social for Social Media Week Toronto- A rather wordy post for Wordless Wednesday but seemed right for the BlogPaws theme this month. A few tips, notes and quotes so far:

Social Media Week in Toronto has been a blast with lots of free presentations, tips and socializing (for humans) both online and offline. Like many of my new friends in the Pet Blogging Dog Loving Community, I would like to make a successful business out of my TV Series and Blog. Plus I really love Twitter, Facebook and other platforms so …

– Laughter and dogs are great for the mind and body.

– 174% growth in Social Networking- Twitter now reaches 1 in 10 Globally and 1 in 5 minutes spent online is spent on Social Media, 1 in 7 minutes or 3/4 Facebook (Great presentation by ComScore). Smartphone penetration and growth huge.

– Statistics show that people who engage with a brand through social media are more likely to purchase and advocate a brand’s products. Good news for us and the brands like Bullwrinkles we work with.  Spending on Digital advertising, social media and branded content increasing and should become easier to sell sponsorships and work with brands.

– Have a communications strategy and schedule. See what times of day and week work to connect with your audience and make your content easy to find and relevant.

– 3 A’s of digital marketing: Attract, Assist, Affiliate


– Entertain people on Facebook – make it fun allow them to interact with you and when in doubt post about bacon.

– Listen, ask for feedback, ask for permission. Engage with your most engaged ambassadors.

– Be original and authentic. Educate, entertain and inform your target market on topics that are both related to your brand or passion and related to your audience. Inform them of the things they want to know.

– Influencers are measured by Reach against Audience, Relevance, Engagement, Context, Authority.
– Use research, data and analytics to improve Search, Find other Influencers, Subject Experts and Audience, and Discover what people are talking about/what they want to know/attitudes. Advertisers look at Cadence and Sentiment.
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