For Blogger Education Month – Grow and Manage Your Facebook Page.

With more and more Pages launching  every day, it can be challenging to gain Likes and manage a Facebook page. However, it can really help with blog traffic and communication with your audience.  Here are a few things we have learned from managing the Talent Hounds page:

First, set up your page with your logo, your tag line and an appealing cover picture that communicates clearly what your page is about.

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Let visitors know why they should like you and spend time with you. Create a catchy and fun description. What should they expect on your page? List other related websites or other social platforms.

Start by inviting friends to like your page! It’s great to get some constructive criticism and/or support.

Then in order to achieve success on Facebook, you need to find your community. You need a group of people who will enjoy and share your content with like-minded friends. Spend some time looking at the movers and shakers in your area of interest to see what works and how you can fit in, but be unique enough to stand out.

Be authentic and be prepared to invest time and energy smartly.

Make sure your content is “likeable”, sharable and timely- would you like or share what you are posting?

Either cute or comedic or heartwarming or hot news or amazing or topical memes do well followed by interesting information. People like to be entertained and then to seem cool or kind or funny or smart. They share content that makes them feel good about themselves and is consistent with their image or personality, and that they think will entertain or impress their friends.

Exclusivity- exclusive offers, deals, information, photos or access are appealing. Plus set a schedule for holidays and other relevant themes and events.

Include lots of rich media- photos, videos, memes. You probably want to drive traffic to your site but photos tend to be shared more than website links, so mix it up.

Be brief- Short posts between 100 and 250 characters get more engagement according to Facebook.

Create a conversation, share, ask questions, listen and reward fans with responses or features, comments and shares.

10 tips:

Facebook ads are another great way to increase Facebook likes. To get the most out of your ads, you can target by your community’s interests to find people similar to your current fans. This also helps you reach people that may have never herd of you or your site before.


We have seen people grow by running a gated contest asking people to LIKE their page to enter or offering to donate to charity for Likes! People LIKE to win prizes or donate for free, but beware, as some of these likes won’t be true “friends” long term.

Have fun and make friends.  Get online and interact with others…Be Social!  it is not called a social network for nothing! Join conversations, Like , share posts and comment. The more you put in or out, the more you will get back. Just don’t spam or post so much people get annoyed… no one likes spam and Facebook punishes it!

Check your page insights regularly, see when your fans are online, see what works and adjust.

Once you have set up your page and have began engaging in your community make sure you are getting everything out of Facebook. We loved fellow pet blogger Chloe Polka Dot’s : Tips for Facebook Likes! 

Here are 2 of her top tips :

  1. If you ask a FB Page to “like” your page, ask them to specifically like it from their Personal Account. Rankings only count personal Likes and comments
  2. Ask them to mark the “Get Notifications” so that they will automatically see posts that come from your FB Page

For more great tips Read the whole article HERE

For more great pet blogging tips check out Blogpaws    “Twenty Ways Pet Bloggers Can Get More Traffic” By the very social  Carol Bryant

Honourable Mention to our good friend Gizmo for being an awesome Fren! We just love his style of interaction on Facebook, with his refer a friend approach. He is such a great friend to anyone starting out including us over the last year! Thanks Gizzy (and Mom). Vote for him in the AHA Hero Awards  HERE.

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Be Sure To Check Out Our List Of  Top Dogs To Follow On Facebook HERE! Let us know anything that has worked or failed for you.

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