We are so thrilled to share this Heartwarming video interview with wonderful Jen and Gizmo the Therapy Dog and Wonder Doglet from https://www.facebook.com/GizmosFrens

Their generosity and kindness inspire us – and their work in the Hartford Public Library and various schools inspires countless children. They make a difference every day visiting hospitals, dialysis centres, schools and libraries. It is amazing how Therapy dogs like Gizmo can help with healing, anxiety, self esteem and reading. Gizmo the 3.5lb  Wonder Doglet is unbelievably cute and sweet, and brings smiles to people wherever he visits.

See behind the scenes HERE

We will donate 40% of YouTube revenue from this Heartwarming video in 2014 to Homeward Bound Rescue (Kilo my foster dog’s Rescue).
Thank you everyone please share this great story and help dogs in need.

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