Hero Feeling Super after Winning CPE Top Trick Dog Title

What an exciting competition at this year’s Spring Canadian Pet Expo and congratulations to Hero the Super Collie and all the competitors.

Hero the Border Collie feeling super winning CPE Top Trick Dog Title

10 talented trainers and 14 amazing dogs from Canada and the US were selected to perform over 2 days.

The final 8 put on an exciting display of passion, dedication and talent to a packed arena on Saturday afternoon.

Grant, Sara, Hero the Super Collie and Susie at Canadian Pet Expo Winning

All feeling super with Hero the Super Collie and Sara at CPE

The Ultimate Winner of Canadian Pet Expo’s 2016 Top Dog Trick Event was professional Stunt Dog Performer and friend Sara Carson and her beautiful Border Collie Hero. Hero the Super Collie came back with sister Marvel (a one year old rescue Border Collie) from touring in the US to perform and compete. Their show was entertaining and action-packed.

Sara and Hero the Border Collie skipping at CPE

Sara and Hero seemed so in-synch with each other and had some very unique and challenging moves to a great song. It was just a thrill to watch.

Susie and Noodles the Wonder Dog at CPE 2016

Susie and Noodles The Wonder Dog

Close on their heels were shelter mutt star Noodles the Wonder Dog from Chicago (2nd) and local Border Collie Angus (3rd) with trainer Kim from K9Central. Their performances were full of impressive tricks too (I had a bit of a cold and Angus could even bring me a tissue).

Kim and Angus the Border Collie at CPE 2016

Angus in action

All the entrants were winners in our eyes as they all work hard to keep their dogs fit, healthy and happy using positive training. It is so rewarding to see how doing tricks and sports with your dog can help build the bond and keep their minds and bodies exercised. Every dog in the finals looked like they were having a ball out there.

They were amazing role models for all the families who attended.

A special congratulations and farewell to top 8 finalists and all around fabulous disc dog and trainer Kowboy Fred and Mike. Kowboy Fred was rehomed multiple times for being to energetic but Mike harnessed his strengths and gave him purpose and mental and physical stimulation. He will be retiring and we will miss him but hope to see more of Mike and his ther dogs.

Mike hugs Kowboy Fred at CPE 2016

We’ll be posting more details about the show, as well as lots of photos and videos.


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