How does Kilo the Black Pug get to BlogPaws15?

Angela and I have started planning our trip to BlogPaws in May 2015. They have just announced the speakers. My foster pug Kilo does not want to be left behind.

TH Kilo dressed for success

He started by giving hints before my last trip. Could he disguise himself as a black sweater and fit in my bag?

TH Kilo blogpaws1

Then he looked into different modes of transportation from a pumpkin (Cinderella style) to a plane.

TH Kilo + pumpkin

TH Kilo goes to Nashville-scarf-skyline

We settled on a car as he would be a nightmare on a plane. How are you getting there?

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  • Trust me as a dog that has flown, the car is a much better option for dogs!

  • Nice to meet you ! Thank you for visiting our blog ! We hate car, but if we had to chose between car and plane, and if we were dogs (OMC !), we would say… car ! Purrs

  • Flying can be a pain. We were stuck on the runway for three hours last time and I think Mr. N was about ready to kill us.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      I can imagine- my flights were delayed from Atlanta. I am not sure what I would have done with Kilo as he likes to go potty pretty often plus gets very riled up if he’s not asleep. I really liked Carrie Boyko’s carry case that had wheels for Oliver.

  • I hope I’ll get to BlogPaws 2015 and have the chance to meet Kilo in person.

  • I hope to make it to BlogPaws to get to meet you all! I’m not sure how I’ll travel, I won’t bring dogs, but I don’t like to fly myself, and I’m not nuts about driving that far either!

  • Well, we will be driving…..Whether Mom agrees or not! We are coming!

  • I’m a bigger wuss than my dog so I’d choose car – even though I know the statistical probabilities are worse via auto. Something about plane rides makes me so nervous – I become claustrophobic.

  • Such cute pics! I’ve flown with a dog before and it’s so stressful! Unless he’s small enough to fit in the cabin with you? Is he small enough for that?

    Most likely won’t be going to BP this year. Maybe next year when it’s on the West Coast again.

  • Yeah kilo gets to go with, what a great time you all will have.

  • If we get to BlogPaws 2015, please reserve us a hug – Kilo is adorable!

  • Such cute photos! Riley, unfortunately, will not be attending BlogPaws with my husband and I – he can be quite dog-aggressive. The photos were just staged for the contest 🙂 I can’t wait to meet everyone, though!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Kilo is people and dog aggressive, but he is doing behavioural therapy and is so sweet with me most of the time so I am hoping he will a changed dog by May. I may be dreaming. But can’t wait to meet you.

  • I won’t be able to make it this year. Take notes!

  • Car as well, so I can bring Winnie, my hamster. It should be about 10 hours, the same distance as from BarkWorld (in Atlanta). Honestly, I can’t wait to see all my friends, which now includes you!!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Emmy, you are such a star. You made me feel welcome from the minute I arrived at reception in Atlanta. You were so warm, helpful and friendly every time I bumped into you. I really appreciated it. Thank you and can’t wait to see you again. Winnie looks so cute and love hamsters (and guinea pigs and rabbits) but we won’t intro to Kilo. X Susie

  • That’s awesome you get to go to Blog Paws!