Happy National Dog Day

Susie and Kilo - pug hug on National Dog Day

I am very glad I have my little rescue dog Kilo. I love to celebrate National Dog Day with him. “National Dog Day serves to help galvanize the public to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year, and acknowledges family dogs and dogs that work selflessly each day to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort.” Talent Hounds promotes adoption and responsible pet parenting through #rescuesrock and other campaigns. We showcase amazing talented dogs enriching our lives.

Kilo the Rescue Pug likes a hug

There is nothing finer than coming home to Kilo the Pug. He is so happy to see me he almost does back flips.

In an effort to stop him jumping up, I run to the couch and invite him up and I hug my pug (I confess I yell “pug hug”). He leaps on my lap and puts both paws around my neck, squishes close and hugs me. He seems almost human. I hug him back, lightly squeezing. He looks blissfully happy hugging and I get so much joy from his affection and the feel of him- it’s like a little shot of happy drug. I rub his back and he eventually licks me and moves down to lie on my knee. My daughter now loves to do the same when she comes home.

Kilo and I have a similar routine in the morning. My husband is often up before me so he lets him out of his crate and he races up to my bed and jumps on me for a pug hug to start the day.

Susie and Kilo in the morning


Today we will be celebrating National Dog Day all day with lots of affection, games, short walks and treats. Plenty of pug hugs of course. Plus a donation to his rescue organization Homeward Bound.

Do Dogs Like Hugs?

I recently read that experts believe that dogs do not actually enjoy hugs.  For many dogs, this is probably true, especially tight hugs from small children. My last 2 dogs Cookie and Isabelle loved attention and head, back or tummy rubs, but I think they just put up with hugs. I wonder if the history of the breed makes a big difference. Each dog is different, but Hunting and Working Dogs are probably less interested in hugs. They need lots of mental and physical exercise and different types of attention. However, lap dogs like Pugs often thrive on lots of physical affection (they also need physical and mental exercise of course).

I call Kilo my little Velcro Dog and think it is just fine to hug my pug. He actively seeks out hugs. He sometimes smothers me with affection when he is in the mood. He nearly always wants to be beside me or someone he likes, with at least a paw on a knee. However, I would never let a child or stranger hug Kilo just in case they squeezed too hard or he was not comfortable.

Does your dog like hugs? How will you be celebrating National Dog Day? Check out their website for ideas.

Share the message that #RescuesRock, adopt rather than shop. If you do decide to buy a puppy, do your research and find a responsible breeder.

If you have adopted a dog, check out new website MyRescue.dog we heard about from our friend Sugar. It benefits homeless dogs via Petfinder Foundation (in partnership with Donuts Inc.) so consider submitting a photo.

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  • Yes 🙂 Sending you Lots of Golden HUGS! Happy National Dog Day. Lots of Golden Woofs

  • Yes, my dogs do like hugs 🙂 Happy National Dog Day!

  • Pug Hug-that is so cute! Happy National Dog Day!

  • Happy National Dog Day! 🙂 Love the Pug hugs!

  • I love to hug Rita. And she… tolerates me hugging her. 🙂 I would never let other folks hug her, since she’s not a huge fan, but if you come at her just right, she seems to like it – especially if she’s standing up and I work in a little tummy rubbing at the same time.

  • Pug hugs are great! Thankfully, both of my dogs love hugs. Happy National Dog Day!

  • Piranha Banana 1 year ago

    I don’t like anyone to hug me except my Momma sometimes Daddy too. I press the side of my face by my ear against her nose and face when she hugs me. I press my little face harder when I haven’t seen her all day. It is true a lot of dogs just tolerate hugs, but I seek them out. And pressing my face against my Momma’s is how I show her that I want love and hugs.

  • Mr. N is meh about hugs from us. I don’t let strangers hug him although we do have the odd kid or two that flings their arms around him.

  • Adorable! Liam the pug doesn’t like hugs, I gotta say, but he does love a good scratch. He also likes kisses on the top of his head. Every pug is different!