Jingle Bells, Rescues Rock! Bullwrinkles helps raise awareness and donations for dogs in need!   

We are pleased to announce that Bullwrinkles will be supporting our Rescues Rock! Campaign this holiday season!


TH Bullwrinkles giftbasket

Christmas came early! Check out these beautiful gift baskets (they even include the new Select line and Bone-In-A-Box). But we don’t get to keep them. Bullwrinkles are donating delicious Treats and Chews to Media, Rescue Organizations and Humane Societies across Ontario. They will also be traveling around over the Holiday Season educating people on responsible pet ownership, fundraising and promoting pet adoption!

“Our goal is for people to at least learn about adoption and hopefully one day choose to adopt if they get a new pet. We raised awareness plus over $550 for the London Humane Society last month at Cherry Hill Mall in London Ontario. ” says Tanya Trinchini, Spokesperson for Bullwrinkles.

Bullwrinkles also provided a donation of Treats and Chews for the Toronto Humane Society where Talent Hounds filmed footage of gorgeous adoptable dogs for the Rescues Rock! Campaign.  The treats will come in handy for the positive training provided to residents at the wonderful Shelter.

Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 5.18.25 PM

We loved having Tanya helping on set with Talent Hounds filming over 20 incredibly talented dogs for our “Rescues Rock!” Campaign and TV Episode.  The campaign aims to dispel the myth that Rescued Dogs have issues that can’t be solved with love and patience or are not trainable, and to promote adoption and responsible pet parenting in a cool entertaining way.  The fabulous Rescue Rock Stars have all overcome adversity and will win your heart with their love, tricks and talents.

“We are very excited to be apart of such a great campaign to help get the important message out!” said Tanya.

We’re excited too! Stay tuned for the new episode coming to the Pet Network 2014 and check out our behind the scenes footage for the episode here:

Meet the Rescues Rock! stars HERE

Meet our wonderful Crew  HERE

Stay up to date on the latest from Rescues Rock! HERE


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