Happy 150th Canada!

Watch our adorable and inspiring video of these 150 proud canadian dogs for canada 150

Though Canada’s beauty, landscapes, and people have been around much longer than 150 years, this year does mark the 150th anniversary of Canada becoming the country that it is today.

Kilo the Mountie in Banff

Kilo the Pug as a Mountie in beautiful Banff

In honor of this, we gathered together some of the proudest Canadian dogs to share with you.

Adorable Harlow with a Canadian Mountie. Photo courtesy of @the_harlow

Adorable Harlow with a Canadian Mountie. Photo courtesy of @the_harlow

We Received Some Seriously Amazing Submissions of Your Canadian Dogs

The adorable Keshia and Inari the Shiba Inus. Photo courtesy of @keshia.and.inari

The adorable Keshia and Inari the Shiba Inus. Photo courtesy of @keshia.and.inari

We had so many of you send us adorable pictures of your pups plus we gathered some from recent events (thanks Dog Lovers Days, Woofstock and Canadian Pet Expo and all the beautiful people and dogs we met). Some of you sent us stunning pictures of your dogs in red and white or in front of quintessential Canadian scenery.

Kiah the adorable hiking dog. Photo courtesy of @outhousesandbridges

Kiah the adorable hiking dog. Photo courtesy of @outhousesandbridges

But above all every picture we used depicted a proud Canadian dog happy in the country we call home! So raise your flags, clear your throats and get ready to sing along, loud and proud like our star Boston Louie (RIP)!


The Lyrics to ‘ O Canada’

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

The adorable Monty with some lobsters. Photo Courtesy of @Monty_the_griffon

The adorable Monty with some lobsters. Photo Courtesy of @Monty_the_griffon

Canada Day Celebrations

This year is sure to be a big bash across the entire country. Many businesses and public councils have been building up to this for the entire year.

Kilo the Pug rolling up the rim at Tim Hortons

Kilo actually won a donut at Tim Hortons while posing for a Roll Up The Rim shot with the new Canada 150 Cup.

With all the excitement and celebrations you can easily run into issues if, like so many others, your dog isn’t as keen to celebrate with things like fireworks especially.

Sage is ready to celebrate! Photo courtesy of @3furrybeauties

Sage is ready to celebrate! Photo courtesy of @3furrybeauties

3 Celebration Safety Tips

Huge national holidays like July 1st in Canada and July 4th in the US can be frightening or even dangerous for pets. A lot of dogs don’t like the sound of fireworks and get very frightened by them going off. After big holidays shelters often get very busy as so many dogs and cats escape through open doors or run away.

To keep your pet safe, happy and calm here are some things you can try:

1) Keep them inside in a safe secure place (possibly even in their crate or a dark room if they are really afraid).

2) Keep them distracted during the celebrations. A chew or stuffed Kong can work well. Some people find music or TV can cover the loud noises.

3) Make sure they are microchipped and have tags, just in case the worst happens and they do get lost.

Well wishes from Charmin. Photo courtesy of @ms.charmin

Well wishes from Charmin. Photo courtesy of @ms.charmin and @ruffstitched

Some people find that thunder shirts or natural scents like lavender and other soothing pet products help with calming too.

We recommend plenty of early walks and activity during the day to help tire your dog out mentally and physically for the evening as well.

Congrats to @Ranger.thegsd our contest winner in the random draw! What a beautiful dog and photo!

Photo courtesy of @ranger.thegsd

Photo courtesy of @ranger.thegsd

Have Fun, Be Safe and Happy Canada Day Everyone!

Be sure to share with us any more cute shots of your dogs enjoying the festivities and let us know what you thought of the video!

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  • Happy Canada Day -July 1st. Loved the country pride in the video! Visiting Montreal and Niagara Falls , Canada is on my bucket list. One day!

  • Happy Canada Day! Wow, that’s a great anniversary — and the pictures are glorious. Sure is a beautiful country, and I look forward to getting back to visit again someday. When I lived in Indiana, we made the trip several times. *s*

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  • Happy Canada Day on July 1. It’s so important to appreciate the great things about one’s country.

  • I hope that your Canada Day was happy and safe! Kilo is so cute all dressed up as a Mountie. 🙂 Since I live just across the river from Canada, it is nice that we always get to celebrate our Independence Day in combination with Canada Day. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of “neighbors”.

  • Ok those very proud Canada dogs are just too cute for words! We are coming to enjoy your STUNNING country backpacking in Banff at the end of July. Canada is so generous they are sharing the spirit with all of us and our park passes are free! Happy Canada day! Thank you for sharing your 150 year celebration with us all!

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  • Happy Canada day! Canada sure does have some cute pooches! Hope you had a great celebration.

  • Great video! Some handsome Canadian dogs to celebrate the special day. Loved the dogs singing along. I used to visit Canada often, I’ve missed it, time to get back there!

  • Hope you had a great Canada Day!!!

  • Shayla 3 months ago

    Happy Canada Day! I spent a few weeks driving all over Canada and it was AMAZING! Such a beautiful Country! I love the pug ❤️

  • Well, Happy Birthday Canada!! I love Canada, it’s such a beautiful country with such lovely people! Can I come live with you there??? What great photos and video, so many fabulous pooches! Congrats to Kilo for winning a donut – YUM!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them