Kilo the Pug's Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs 2017

Basically every day is Christmas for my dog Kilo the Pug. He was an anxious, poorly behaved little boy looking for a home when we started fostering him 3 years ago.  Now he is a mostly well- behaved, happy little cuddle bug with a forever family that adores him.

His favourite things in life are food, treats, his family (especially me), and plush toys (or empty water bottles) in that order. He is lucky enough to get everything he loves every day, except me when I am traveling. Consequently these make up most of our Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs.

Check out my four gift choices for Kilo the Pug

I narrowed his gifts down to 4 in our 4 Gifts for Pets Blog Hop and Giveaway. Don’t miss entering here to win over $500 in prizes

The 4 Gifts for Pets blog hop and Giveaway prizes image


Kilo’s favorite treats are the Barnsdale Farms and Benny Bullys freeze dried liver treats and I like them as no added sugar. Of course anything with bacon or sweet potato is also a big hit. Well let’s be honest, Kilo is a Pug so most treats are a hit.

Chews or Bully Sticks

A very happy Kilo the Pug with his Bullwrinkles Bully Stick

Kilo loves his Bullwrinkles, so he’ll definitely get some of those. They make the best stocking stuffers (yes Kilo has his own stocking!). We often work with the company that makes them on rescue projects and get some for free.



Kilo the Pug waiting (im)patiently for some Zignature kibble- product review

Kilo gets fed a little in the morning and evening plus I often use kibble for rewards in training as he can focus better than with higher value treats. We rotate between good quality kibble brands and meats, often with freeze dried raw boosts. In the morning he gets a teeny bit of water, banana and yoghurt with his kibble and in the evening a little vegetable and/or cooked chicken or sweet potato or wet food. We currently like Zignature (see review), Arcana, and Carna4. We also enjoy Nutrience SubZero (see review) and Merrick.

Kilo the Pug taste testing samples of Acana kibble

Kilo the Pug taste testing samples of Acana kibble I purchased at a discount at the Ottawa Pet Expo – we made dinner time into a game.

Wet Food

We get cans of some of the same brands above plus we just tried a really yummy new wet food in a Tetra Pack called Caru (we received one pack free).

Caru Dog Stews

Kilo absolutely loved it and it looked like real human stew with great ingredients. He wants more. See his review HERE.


Kilo the Pug and his new Furbo from his Holiday Gift Guide

Close behind treats and food on our list has to be a Furbo. I have had to travel a lot over the lats 18 months and I can see and talk to Kilo when I am away from home and toss him treats. We were given one last year and you can see our full review HERE. Kilo loves the treats and contact and it makes me feel great! I have it aimed at his fave sofa in our front living room where he sits and snoozes most of the day between walks and play. I can calm him down or distract him if he is barking, even thousands of miles away. I always check Furbo is connected and full of treats before I leave on a trip. You can buy one through my affiliate link here:


Kilo’s faves are the plush from Kong. He is quite anxious and just loves running around with these and chewing them until he gets to the stuffing. He’ll get at least one new one in his stocking.

CleverPet Hub

CleverPet Electronic PuzzleThese electronic puzzles look really fun, and mentally stimulating, plus they dispense treats – WIN WIN. Definitely very high on Kilo’s list.

You can Win one Here. Sponsored by CleverPet. Enter by December 8th.
Buy one here through my affiliate link CleverPet Hub – Exercise Your Pet’s Mind + Body


Kilo the Pug's new Kurgo Harness

Kilo had a red Buddy Belt harness for about 18 months but it fell apart, so this time I bought him a Kurgo one which he seems OK with (I bought it at a charity auction which made me happy). It is adjustable and fits well (his body shape can be a big challenge and he is an escape artist and pulls on walks).


Kilo the Pug trying new fall jacket

He does not enjoy wearing jackets but it can get very cold and snowy in Toronto. I found a comfy one from a local supplier Heads & Tails – see our review of their winter collection.


I may get him another cosy bed. Looking for suggestions?


Kilo is not a big fan of dressing up for longer than a photo shoot but he doesn’t mind Bowties and Bandanas, and he looks so cute so he’ll probably get a few in his stocking. I made him a red Christmas one with duck tape – see How to make a DIY Bow Tie HERE.

DIY Make a bow tie collar for your dog


Kilo likes to jump up on our bed but it is very high. I am worried he will injure himself getting up and down as he ages. I am looking for a safe attractive but movable ramp to use.

What are you getting your dog for Christmas?


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