Wow Sara and The Super Collies – You Did It!

Top 5 – Dreams Do Come True.

What an incredible journey for Sara and the Super Collies. Let's make her dream come true. Please VOTE!!

Hero Sara and Simon on #AGT Follow @thesupercollies

We have followed Sara and Hero’s incredible journey since we met them 5 years ago. She told me then that she wanted to be on America’s Got Talent one day. Fast forward to cheering for her in the Finals of that very show at 8pm on NBC in the US and City TV in Canada and seeing her make the Final 5. What an achievement. Thank you to everyone who followed and cheered and voted with us.

It was easy to see Sara’s talent and her passion for training, performing, photography and graphic design.  Even as a teenager she had such drive and was so determined, and she LOVED Hero.

Hero’s Story

Hero was not even 2 years old when I met him but already so well trained and such a special dog. Their bond was amazing. Sara never shied away from a challenge and was always ready to help me on all sorts of projects and events. Before she had a license or a car, Sara’s lovely friend Michelle would often travel with her for hours to if needed or she would jump on a bus to Toronto.  She particularly helped me with training my little rescue pug Kilo with positive reward based methods through an online group, and in person. Her inspiration and support were invaluable and he is a different dog today, with lots of cute tricks up his sleeve.

Her journey has not always been easy or 100% smooth, but it has been incredible.

We did a fabulous fashion show at All About Pets then numerous Talent and Trick Competitions and Showcases and Videos and TV segments. She appeared on big US TV shows like Letterman and thrived in the spotlight. Sara progressed from competitor to judge and host at Canadian Pet Expo and went on to tour in the US.

how to be safe when traveling with your dog

Most recently, this summer we worked on travel safety tips – see HERE, blogs and videos for The BackSeat Barkers and Talent Hounds.

America’s Got Talent Auditions

Sara started the summer auditioning for America’s Got Talent but we only saw the dramatic results in August. No surprise to me and most who have met her, she wowed Simon and the audience and made it through.

They delivered this awesome routine below including Loki the Puppy to wow the audience and judges again and make it through to the semi-finals. I admit, there were cheers and tears of happiness in our house.

Loki’s Story

We met Loki just over a year ago for the first time at Canadian Pet Expo as a little puppy. He already had star quality. Look at him go!

Thank You to Everyone Who Watched the Finals and Voted for our Heroes, the Super Collies!  Top 5 – Amazing!!!



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