Awesome Photos from Toronto Christmas Pet Show Day 1

Canadian Pet Expo Photo Gallery

susie-and-the-cutest-little-pug-puppy at Toronto Christmas Pet Show

Susie and a super cute Pug Puppy at Toronto Christmas Pet Show

We had such a great time on Saturday at the Canadian Holiday Pet Expo at the International Center. I think Kilo would be jealous if he saw me with this adorable pug puppy.


We managed to catch the double head tilt.


We were thrilled to have Marcy at the booth with her talented Jack Russell Sweetie and her newly adopted trick puppy Spinner. Sweetie showed kids how she can count and read cards.

Winston the Mighty Morkie in his Santa suit at Toronto Christmas Pet Show

Winston the @MightyMorkie Santa

And of course, a pet expo would not be right without a visit from stylish little Winston the Mighty Morkie. Such a cute Santa.


We also had a lovely visit from our favorite Shiba Inus Keisha and Inari.


Spook and Kids Pet Club Ambassador Sky Lily

Thank you Dryver for coming and taking such beautiful photos and thank you to Spook for being such a good girl. Dryver is an excellent trainer and photographer and has performed in  Talent Shows with us for several years.


We met so many amazing dogs (and a few snakes and cats as well). We took photos for our new Kids’ Pet Club and for Talent Hounds. Kids’ Pet Club Reptile Ambassadors Raina and Sky Lily were on hand to talk to people about snakes and other pets.


Dozer the Pig and his Chihuahua Brother (who rules the household) popped by.

Feel free to grab your photo below- contact me directly if you have any issues downloading or want a high res version.

You can let us know the name and details of your gorgeous dog in comments or by e-mail if you want to be added to our talent list. We will also add the galleries to our Facebook Page.

See winston-the-mighty-morkie-and-more-in-our-day-1-photos-from-the-toronto-christmas-pet-show

Please share any photos of your dogs and tag us on Facebook or Instagram. We love to see them.




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