Our Casting Call for Dogs is now over!

Thanks for all those who participated! Stay tuned for further opportunities to show off your dog’s talent on Talent Hounds.ca

Calling all dogs with talent! Production is now underway for an engaging new television documentary called Talent Hounds!  The show follows the humanization of dogs from the very first working dogs to the multi-disciplined wonder-kids of today. Full of history, heart and humour, the documentary will premiere on The Pet Network in early 2013.

We are looking for talented hounds of all ages, breeds and skills. They can be Rescues,  Service Dogs (such as police, fire, therapy, assistant, guide); Working Dogs (such as hunting; tracking, pulling, herding); Athletes (agility, flyball, disc, treiball, jumping, running, fetching); Entertainers (singers, dancers, freestyle, actors, talkers); Tricksters; Cuties; Fashionistas; and Heroes.

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