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Susie and Crusoe with No Bite is Right sign

My great friend Linda Smith runs a PR Agency called Smithcom.

She knows all about Talent Hounds and how we like to feature talented, healthy dogs and share tips and stories that help bring out the best in our best friends and keep them safe. Linda is a huge dog lover and I have featured her beautiful dogs on Fit Dog Friday up in Muskoka. We have talked about how to protect our dogs from ticks and other bugs.

Crusoe and family

She was preparing to launch a very interesting new campaign so the Smithcom team invited me to go behind the scenes with Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund, one of my favourite Celebrity Dogs, and his lovely family. They had driven in from Ottawa for a photo shoot.

susie and crusoe behind the scenes

Susie and Crusoe

Crusoe is the Celebrity Spokesdog for a new anti-tick campaign: NO BITE IS RIGHT

Crusoe dancing

With spring comes an increased danger from nasty little monsters like ticks.  The  No Bite Is Right campaign is launching to educate pet owners on the potentially devastating effects of flea and tick bites and the importance of speaking with a vet about taking protective measures against these nasty parasites.

Crusoe the Vet

It has just been announced : Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund is the spokesdog for the No Bite Is Right campaign. He will be visiting cities across Canada and spreading the message about the importance of contact kill flea and tick products.

I believe Crusoe is an excellent choice. As you can see from the photos, Crusoe is in great shape. He has a very healthy diet and is very active. He keeps fit hiking and playing with his parents. We talked about their experience with ticks in our exclusive behind the scenes interview.

As Crusoe’s owner, I want to do everything in my power to keep him safe and healthy, and that includes being proactive when it comes to flea and tick bites,” says Ryan Beauchesne. “We regularly visit our vet and flea and tick protection is a topic we always make time for.

I am not surprised that results of a recent poll reveal that 80 per cent of Canadian pet owners are concerned with flea and tick bites and 7 in 10 want protection that reduces the chances of these parasites biting their pets. The study also found that 79 per cent of owners worry about disease transmission from flea and tick bites.i   I know I worry about Kilo the Pug. I heard a Toronto vet on the radio over the weekend saying they have already found several ticks carrying diseases like lyme disease locally.

Fleas and ticks are rising concerns across Canada,” says Dr. Chancie Knights, Technical Services Veterinarian for Bayer. “It’s increasingly important for pet owners to understand that these parasites cause irritation and distress and may spread harmful bacterial and viral diseases to pets that can be fatal in some circumstances.

Tick Bite Protection

We will be working with Crusoe and Smithcom to share more information and research in a future sponsored post and at live events.  Let us know if you have any related questions or tips or stories.

My understanding so far is that there are 2 main ways to Protect your pet:

1) Topical, contact kill products start working before fleas and ticks bite the pet. Reducing flea and tick bites helps reduce the risk of disease transmission.

2) Chewable flea and tick medications require the parasite to bite in order to be killed, which may leave the pet vulnerable to disease.

Pet owners should speak with their vets to find out what flea and tick treatments are best for their pets.

“Once we learned about the different ways products work, we asked our vet for something that works on the outside of Crusoe because it reduces the chances of fleas or ticks biting him, which reduces the chance of him contracting diseases from their bites,” says Beauchesne.

Follow the #NoBiteIsRight campaign.

Learn more about flea and tick protection and the full contest details at

Come and say hi

Join Crusoe as he travels across Canada talking with pet owners and media about how to protect our pets from the risks of flea and tick bites. You can follow his stops at and @Celeb_Dachshund and on his website as well – We will attend the Toronto stops with Talent Hounds and would love to say hi too.

Do you have any questions about Tick Protection?

read : How to Protect Your Dog Against Ticks




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  • What a handsome spokes doggy! And rocking the outfit, too. Crusoe obviously enjoys his work. *s*

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      He is a very happy, friendly, well trained little guy. His parents are very positive and caring so he certainly does seem to enjoy it (he gets nice little rewards). I loved seeing them again. We were together supporting Tiny Paws Rescue last year at Wienerfest – he does a lot of good.

  • Crusoe sure is a cutie! What a great spokes-doggie for such an important cause!

  • Important to get our pets protected against fleas and ticks!
    Love seeing Crusoe, such a cutie 🙂

  • I can see why Crusoe is such a celebrity. He’s handsome and has lots of personality!

  • We would love to know how to get rid of ticks if you get them. Little sneaky buggers are hard to find in dogs with long hair. Some products seem to work while others don’t do anything. So maybe some of the best products too? And a treatment plan for people to get rid of an infestation (there doesn’t seem to be much about that online or already out there). The bad thing about the spot on though is that the ticks have to attach to your dog and ingest so much of it before it’s effective and it kills the tick.

  • Crusoe is adorable

  • Awesome cause! We take our flea and tick prevention seriously so Rocco can stay healthy and active!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Aww love Rocco- imagine ticks or fleas in his hair when you are out and about. I worry about heartworm too as well as ticks.

  • Ticks aren’t terribly common around here but if you go hiking up in the mountains, you run into them. I had to pick one off Mr. N last year.

  • Ticks are a BIG concern where I live (Central VA). And even more so, in my own neighborhood, because it was recently a farm and has lots of tall brush. I HATE when I find those nasty things on my dogs (or ME). We use a topical flea/tick that kills on contact. There has never been any other option.

    Very cool that you got to meet Crusoe and his peeps! I love seeing the photographic proof, too!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Apparently they are a growing issue here too, even in the ravine near my house where we walk. Little armies of the suckers are invading the north. So gross.

  • What a cute little model! Great product too!

  • Crusoe makes one handsome doctor!!! 🙂

  • I’m a huge fan of Crusoe, I think it is so great that you got pictures with him! I would love to know more about the No Bite, because one of my dogs is extremely sensitive to bug bites.

  • We hate ticks! Eeew! Not only do they look creepy and bite, but they can bring a host of illness to our babies!

  • Crusoe definitely makes a great spokes doggy! Love it 🙂 Great cause. Tick bites are definitely a no no!

  • Even though we live indoors, we get a monthly treatment to avoid the critters that can come inside.

  • Crusoe is fabulous! Such an important campaign – he’ll be a great spokesdoggie! I bet you had a great time with this threesome, they look like a bunch of fun. Thanks for sharing and we’ll spread the word too!

  • Crusoe makes the perfect dog for the job! Kudos to him for spreading awareness about flea and tick bites!

  • We love Crusoe !!! They make such awesome videos!!

  • I certainly agree with a lot of what Crusoe has to say! …But what about love bites? 😉

  • Such an important and informative post. I’d love to wish flea and ticks away! Thankfully, our Huskies are all clear, and we do use a monthly preventative. I just love that Crusoe!

  • Crusoe is so cute!

  • Crusoe is a great spokesperson – love this initiative.

  • What a handsome boy. He is a great spokesperson for such an important topic. We need to protect our pets from ticks

  • Sandra Lee 2 years ago

    What an awesome idea – and congrats to Crusoe!

  • Crusoe, you’ve got a big job to do, traveling around Canada teaching people about flea & tick prevention! You look too cute in those scrubs!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  • Oh my goodness I love this campaign and it’s slogan! Thanks for such a fun behind the scenes story!