The World’s First Art Exhibition Designed For Dogs

Inspiring and Interactive #PlayMore

It even has a car simulator for “Cruising Canines”.

More Than, a British insurance company, encourages pet owners to stay active and spend more time with their furry friends through an initiative called Play More. They ask people to make a Play More Pledge to spend an extra 15 minutes a day playing with their dog or cat.  To inspire people even further to spend more time with their dogs, MORE THAN commissioned a unique canine art interactive exhibit with renowned British artist and inventor Dominic Wilcox. Together, they created what just may be the world’s first art exhibition designed for dogs to enjoy.


An avid dog lover himself, Dominic works between the worlds of art, design, craft and technology. The museum featured dog’s eye-level paintings that were specifically tailored for dogs’ sense of shade and color.   The dogs reportedly seemed to enjoy paintings of chicken legs or a virtual frisbee being thrown around on a television screen.

There were 4 interactive installations were based on activities that dogs love.

Wilcox created a 10-feet-wide dog bowl filled with brown, plastic balls resembling dog food, similar to a kids’ ball pit. There was also a tennis ball fetching activity and Wilcox created a fountain system that squirted water from one dog bowl to another, allowing dogs to get a drink—or get soaked.


Then they were able to go for a drive with the windows open in the ” Cruising Canines” open-window simulator. Dogs could sit in a cardboard car and have a fan simulate an actual car ride, feeling the wind in their fur.

Apparently, the exhibition was a big success with humans and dogs so I am inspired to see if we can do similar innovative creative things at events and event spaces here in Canada.

More Than has now launched  a campaign on Facebook and online to get people out and taking their pledge. The pets and people will be happier and they’ll donate £1 to the RSPCA for each confirmed pledge. Their goal is to reach 20,000 pledges so they can donate £20,000. That’s enough to build a sensory garden – the perfect playground for rescue dogs to scamper and sniff in, and help fund a cattery refurbishment.

Have you seen any similar exhibitions or spaces or inspiring ideas to spend more time with your pet?



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