Meet Talented Sara, Hero and Puppy Loki of the Super Collies

Check out our exclusive behind the scenes video with Sara and adorable Puppy Loki of the Super Collies. Watch them live next Tuesday on America's Got Talent and PLEASE VOTE!

See Them Live in the Semi-Finals of America’s Got Talent Next Week- Let’s VOTE!!

Watch the Behind the Scenes Video about Little Loki.

All About Adorable Puppy Loki- The Youngest Super Collie

Puppy Loki is a 1 year old Border Collie.
Puppy Loki was adopted by Sara
He was adopted by Sara in Oklahoma as a puppy from a family who couldn’t handle his high energy puppy antics.
Hero and Puppy Loki- the Super Collies from AGT
He loves his big brother Hero and sister Marvel. Together they make up The Super Collies and we think they really are super.
Hero, Marvel and Loki hugging make up the Super Collies
Loki makes Sara’s heart skip just like his brother and sister.
Although he’s bound to step on a few toes occasionally – he is a puppy after all.
He has traveled a lot across the US and Canada .
Puppy Loki burns off energy hiking
He burns off his energy hiking, swimming, dock diving and doing agility and his favourite thing is playing with Sara.
Has started learning tricks as a baby. He did his first show at 8 weeks old.
We met him one year ago at the Fall Canadian Pet Expo (you can WIN tickets to this year’s Canadian Pet Expo HERE!)
Puppy Loki and his training app
By 6 months old he was opening theatre shows. Now he is a seasoned celebrity with his own training app.

This week he appeared live on America’s Got Talent and blew the audiences away.

 Vote for Sara Puppy Loki and the Super Collies on America's Got Talent Live Semi-Finals

Follow Sara and @thesupercollies on Facebook and Instagram. They will be on the live semi finals Tuesday September 5th, 2017. We Can’t wait!

Please WATCH and VOTE!!

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  • They are super talented but also cute and funny.

  • My heart just melted for this adorable Loki!!!! I am always a sucker for animal videos and pet talent!!! Best of luck to them!

  • I gotta remember to vote!! I love these guys. So happy they are still in the running. 🙂

  • I saw his act. He’s an adorable talented puppy! Is he going to be making more appearances?

  • I love Sara and her dogs and hope she continues to do well! She is such an awesome trainer and does so many great things with her dogs.

  • Oooo! September 5 is coming right up! I must record this so I don’t miss out! Congratulations to these pet pals and good luck to them! They are amazing!

  • Hindy Pearson 9 months ago

    Loki is so lucky he found his way into a new home that understood puppies have energy and now he’s a star!! Until I saw this video I was so proud of myself for teaching Jack to give me his paw!!

  • Wow, they are not only cute and adorable but so talented too! Border collies amaze me with their intelligence!

  • These collies are just amazing and every time I see videos of Sara and Hero I am even more impressed! Loki is just as adorable and clearly has a bright future ahead of him! I can’t wait to check out his new app!

  • I ran straight to my VCR (actually I was already sitting in the living room) and hit record for the next 3 episodes as I am so sure they are going to be successful. They are all adorable and SOOOO talented! PAWsitively Talented Hounds (pun intended).

  • Loki is beautiful and talented! The Super Collies look like a tight knit group and it’s amazing the training they have.

  • Maggietkat 9 months ago

    Amazing dog tricks! You should see our ninja sleeping poses.

  • Wow, what a performance! No wonder they’ve made it to the semi-finals! We’ll keep our paws crossed that they win! Love their story too 🙂

  • What superstars they are! I wish I could make my cats do all this stuff – I could make is world famous 😉 Sadly I have to leave it to these doggy super stars!!

  • What superstars they are! I wish I could make my cats do all this stuff – I could make them world famous 😉

    Sadly I have to leave it to these doggy super stars!!

  • Fantastic video! Loved how the three Super Collies can pose for a group hug and run through the agility waves right on each other’s heels. And I can totally relate to Loki’s dedication to Timbits. Every time I visit my sister and her family in Calgary, we make a few stops at Tim Hortons. Good luck Super Collies! The McSquare Pack will be rooting for you!

  • Wow – these pups are super talented and so awesome! Love us some Loki 🙂 We will keep you all in our thoughts and can’t wait to see what comes from this great exploration!

  • Sara and her beautiful dogs are SO amazingly talented, you can see all their hard work & natural born talent – good luck on the show tomorrow night!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  • Loki is such a cutie! We loved watching Sara and hero on AGT. They’re such a good team.

  • I love watching Loki and his siblings on AGT. Simon appears to be a huge supporter of them. Thank you for the wonderful video!

  • What a team! Wow. They are stars. Rooting for you, guys.

  • They are so awesome! I really loved watching their video. I’m going to have to watch the show on Tuesday.

  • This is so awesome! I haven’t been following AGT with our recent move, but I’m always thrilled when there is a pet related act on the show. I remember with the Olate Dogs won a few years back. Wishing them the best of luck!

  • I’ve been voting for them! Hoping they get to the finals!

  • What an amazing amount of talent in these pups and their human! I hope they make it all the way in the competition, they are amazing!