Preparing for my trip to BlogPaws 2017 with Kilo the Pug. Somehow only the essentials still seem to weigh a ton.

Getting Ready for My Trip to the BlogPaws 2017 Conference

Yesterday I got out my suitcases to get ready for my trip to the BlogPaws 2017 Conference.  I will attend the first InfluenceThis Conference in Toronto on May 17th, then I will fly down to Myrtle Beach via Charlotte late afternoon. Kilo the Pug will not be accompanying me as he still gets very stressed meeting new people or pets and going anywhere outside his little perimeter.  However he tried to “help” me pack and hide in my carry-on. Then he was such a gentleman, he attempted to carry the bag to the front door with hilarious results. Somehow, only “the essentials” still seemed to weigh a ton.

It is my third BlogPaws event and the second time I will be walking the Red Carpet as nominee for Best Pet Video again- woohoo!!!

BlogPaws Best Video Nomination Badge

Last year was such a blast and we were nominated for the Backseat Barkers comedy series behind the scenes pilot video.We just launched some more videos in that series.

This year we are very proud to be nominated for the heartwarming anti-discrimination video “Love Like A Dog” with the original song “Best Friends”. I wish people could be more like dogs in many ways, as the world would be a simpler, kinder place.

Last year, I had such a great time networking and learning. There were so many interesting pets and people including bloggers and brands. I can’t wait to see everyone again this year and attend the sessions.

Packing and Preparation

  • I reviewed our “Work With Us” section on Talent Hounds and our Hop To It site.
  • I ordered new business cards, stickers, postcards and a few pens because I have launched a new site for kids who love pets, and a site for millennial pet parents which I am excited to share.
  • I got my cameras, mics, chargers, monopod and SD cards ready.
  • I got out my red carpet dress plus smart casual conference wear (and underwear) for the 3 days and flights, plus comfy and smart shoes.
  • As an eternal optimist, I put in my swimsuit, dress, sun screen and flip flops – the hotel is a short walk to the beach and I love the ocean. I should have an hour on Thursday to explore.
  • I checked toiletries, brush, toothbrush, first aid and medications travel kit.
  • I read an excellent post on Myrtle Beach by one of the conference Ambassadors my friend Paula from Sweet Purfections here.

I love my Furbo when I am away from my family!


Because Kilo will be at home with out me, one of the key things I did  was fill my fabulous Furbo with treats and make sure it’s connected to the internet. We were given the Furbo to review last year and I absolutely LOVE it and so does Kilo- see my review here.  I can connect and see him, talk to him and toss him treats. It texts me when he is barking.

I have it positioned so it covers his favorite spots to sit on the sofa by the front windows. The video is really clear and I feel like I am there. The audio has a tiny lag but is pretty clear too. It freaked him out a little the first time (and my husband and daughter who suddenly heard my voice when I was out), but he quickly understood there were treats and seemed to enjoy the sound of my voice. I’ll miss the little bean, but my Furbo will make things a little better.

Do you travel with your pet/s? Do they try to “help” you pack? Will you be at BlogPaws 2017? Let me know in the comments.

You Love!

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