See all the Colorful Dogs of

Toronto Pride 2017

Pride in Toronto is a colorful, cheerful and exciting event that represents a very important message of inclusivity in this city. We went to enjoy the festivities and support our friends- and got some shots of the Dogs of Pride while we were at it!

make your day with these adorable dogs who came out for pride TO

What is Pride?

While the Pride Parade may only happen once a year, Pride events have been going on all month building up to this weekend. Members of the LGBTQ+ community still have to fight daily to have an equal and respected voice.

Adorable Dog in Rainbow at Pride Toronto

That’s why Pride is so important, it’s a no-holds-barred designated weekend for people to be whoever they want to be for everyone to see and not have to apologize for it. And why should they? Everyone was Fabulous.

Adorable dog in 'YAY GAY' bandana at pride toronto

If you were out at Pride anywhere this weekend you likely saw people of all different ages, body shapes, orientations and ethnicities beaming from ear to ear rocking whatever they felt comfortable in (which for some is even nothing at all!). There were single people, couples of all kinds, groups of friends, lovers, families and of course even some dogs who came out to support this community and their right to be free.

Baxter one of the dogs of pride

In Celebration of Pride

So, whether you were there or if you happened to miss it this year, please enjoy the colorful, lovable and absolutely inspiring dogs who stood by their parents’ sides this weekend to speak up for inclusivity and equality- And lay on a little cuteness while they were at it.

Dogs of Pride Video:


Were you at Pride this year? Did you bring your dog? Share a pic in the comments!

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