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Try the Nutrience #SubZeroDifference at PetSmart

Beau at PetSmart in Toronto, Canada with the wonderful new Nutrience Subzero premium grain-free freeze-dried raw protein kibble. Try the #Subzerodifference #sponsored

Beau at PetSmart Toronto, Canada ready for new Nutrience Subzero high quality food

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New In PetSmart® – Nutrience® Subzero™

My filming partner Aria and I took her adorable newly adopted puppy Beau to her local PetSmart Store last week to pick up some supplies. It was my first time in that particular west Toronto store.  I was excited to see a big display right up front for a brand new type of Canadian high-quality pet food – Nutrience® Subzero™.  It is a premium grain-free kibble with a freeze-dried raw protein.



Nutrience #SubZeroDifference Aisle display 2

“Grain-free” and “freeze-dried raw” got my attention. We went over to the shelves to investigate further.

Nutrience #SubZeroDifference shelf at PetSmart

Beau was definitely checking the labels.

Beau checking out Nutrience #SubZeroDifference products at PetSmart

Who could resist that little face saying “Please Mom..”?  Of course, we said yes (and took Beau out of the trolley as soon as he had finished posing- isn’t he too cute).

Beau the Bulldog puppy asking for Nutrience #SubZeroDifference

Kilo the Pug’s Diet and Health

Kilo is my very cute 3-year-old rescue Pug. Kilo really loves food (like me)!! I try to keep him fit and healthy, but he should probably lose a pound or two (again, like me).

Kilo investigates new Nutrience

He eats a mix of high-quality kibble which he was on when he found me (from Homeward bound Rescue) and fresh fruit, vegetables and other food and treats. I have recently been making Kilo work for part of his meals using puzzles and games. I also use kibble for training.

Kilo is not too fussy about food, but I am. I have been researching grain-free as he doesn’t need grain and fillers in his diet. I always check that a named meat from north America is the main ingredient in his food.  Kilo and I both like the Nutrience grain-free canned food which I sometimes mix with his kibble.  Recently I have been reading about and considering raw feeding. There certainly seem to be health benefits. I am not prepared to go full raw yet so freeze-dried raw protein is appealing.

Kilo posing with new Nutrience #SubZeroDifference I was very excited to get invited to try the new Nutrience® Subzero™. It is great to see a company taking such care to incorporate the latest research and the best high-quality Canadian ingredients for our pets. Yesterday, I went to my local PetSmart and chatted with a sales executive then picked up another bag.

About Nutrience – Nourish the body. Fuel the spirit.™ 

The PetSmart sales executive was so friendly and helpful. He felt that Nutrience has an excellent reputation for quality and has had very good reviews on their products. From quality North American ingredients backed by the ‘No Bad Anything’promise, to the unique small-batch production for superior control, every bag they craft represents attention to quality and an ongoing commitment to natural, wholesome nutrition.Nutrience Pet Food contains no corn, no wheat, no soy, no by-products, no artificial colors, flavors nor preservatives. It is Pet Food Made with Purpose.

Now in its second generation of family ownership, the company operates its own pet food facility as the means of providing absolute assurance that its Nutrience brand promise is kept, the promise of a food made from quality ingredients that truly nourishes pets to live a healthier and longer life.

What is Nutrience Subzero?

Nutrience Grain Free Subzero™ is a new Canadian made ancestral diet combining protein-rich kibble and freeze-dried NUTRIBOOST™ including raw protein.

Kilo Licking his lips for Nutrience

It aims to deliver the nutritional benefits of raw in a convenient and easy to use recipe which sounds great to me.

Apparently the formulations are prepared with fresh, never frozen Canadian sources of meat, poultry, Pacific wild-caught fish and real freeze-dried protein for a superior flavor. Kilo certainly looks like he would like to taste it – licking his lips.

Nutrience Subzero

The Nutrience Subzero product range comes in 3 regionally inspired formulations: Canadian Pacific (fish), Fraser Valley and Prairie Red.

Nutirence Subzero 3 varieties

Features and Benefits of Nutrience Subzero

I am always looking to keep Kilo the Pug healthy and happy. I really like what I am learning about this new high-quality dog food range:

  • We are both proudly Canadian- Made in British-Columbia, Canada and produced in small batches for superior quality control. Wild-caught fish, meat & poultry are sourced in Canada and delivered fresh to the production facility.
  • Multiple sources of proteins for a complete and more diverse essential amino acid profile.
  • Low-glycemic carbohydrates to maintain a healthy weight and normal blood sugar levels. Important for my greedy Pug.
  • Coconut oil and marine source omega-3 for a healthy skin & coat.
  • Wholesome fruits, vegetables & botanicals to support a healthy immune system.
  • Prebiotics & probiotics for a healthy digestion.I am very interested in the benefits of probiotics
  • Glucosamine & chondroitin to support hip and joint health. I take these as well.
  • Contains Nutriboost- fresh protein, infused with a unique blend of nutritionally beneficial ingredients, and gently freeze-dried to lock in the natural goodness of raw foods.

Try Subzero for Zero

You can try Subzero for FREE. This November, just take an empty bag of one of three other grain-free brands on the chart below – Acana, Origin or Go! in to your nearest PetSmart and get a 2.27kg bag of Nutrience Subzero while quantities last.


In-store National demo event on Saturday, November 28

I’ll be popping back to PetSmart for the in-store demo event on Sat., Nov. 28. If you are interested in grain-free, freeze-dried raw and other high-quality Canadian ingredients for your pets, come and see for yourself.

I’ll also be filming Kilo trying the two varieties we bought and do a follow-up post with his review. Spoiler alert- Kilo just tasted the Frazer Valley and gave it a big paws up. He appeared to really enjoy the taste, texture and kibble size.

To find out more valuable information:

Find Nutrience Subzero at Petsmart here.
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And keep up to date with PetSmart Canada on Facebook


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