Photos of Dogs and Dog Lovers

 The Toronto Christmas Pet Show Day 2

This weekend we had a blast at the Toronto Christmas Pet Show. Thank you so much to Aria who came with me and took hundreds of photos of Dogs and Dog Lovers.

We were thrilled to have our friend and Instagram Star @Ms.Charmin with us at the booth on Sunday. What a little doll and her Mom and big brother are super nice too!


She was a little nervous when she arrived at her first big event but quickly relaxed and posed like a pro with Victoria and Scout’s Snacks (she had some delicious samples at the booth too) and made tons of new friends.

Ms Charmin

Ms Charmin

I wanted to steal her I confess, although it was a close competition with @itsmoosethepug and @benji_thekleekai (we met Benji at the PawsWay Halloween party).


@benji_thekleekai and @itsmoosethepug

We were so happy to see our fabulous friend @tiffanythepom and her Mom again. Hugs to them over the holidays.


@TiffanythePom and @Ms.Charmin-2 of the cutest little pups at the show

We also popped by to visit our fashionable friend @Iggyjoey. What a pretty pair.


@iggyjoey and @mscharmin

We also had our absolute favorite rescue trick dog Linzy and lovely Reta at the booth. Linzy has mastered the extremely cute over the shoulder look. She was a wonderful ambassador with kids as always.


We all fell for this gorgeous Therapy Dog and can’t wait to do a feature.


We filmed with our newest Kids’ Pet Club Ambassador Jordan. What a great role model and trainer. She performs with the talented Woofjocks and trains her dogs at her family’s business K9Central.


We also met several new potential Kids’ Pet Club and Penny P Pug Ambassadors including this pair and their adorable Bulldog Puppykids-pet-club-bulldog-and-little-girls-at-the-toronto-christmas-pet-show-day-2

Hope  you enjoy the rest of our photos from Day 2 in the Gallery Below. Please share yours and comment if you see your pup.

Check out our photos from Day 1 HERE

Contact me directly if you want pics of your dog and have any trouble downloading. There are so many and they are big files so the gallery can be a bit slow to load.

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