Puppy Finder Dog Breed Quiz

Are you looking for a new puppy or dog? What’s your ideal canine companion?


Let the fun begin- Take the quiz Now! And find out if your best match is a Party PugChilled Out Big Boss British Bulldog or maybe a Friendly Frenchie!

Of course you need to do serious research if you are looking for a pet and find the right fit for your taste, budget, lifestyle, personality and accommodation. Think about the time you have available and what you enjoy. Always remember that pets are for life and are not disposable.

We now have a Breed library  containing over thirty of the most popular dog types in our Talent Hound community including small dog breeds, large dog breeds, smartest dog breeds and everything in between. We feature  German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, Jack Russell Terriers, Huskies, Bull Dogs, Wieners, Pugs and more. We’d like to thank our wonderful community members for contributing their descriptions, tips, dog pictures and videos. We hope this may help a few dogs find forever homes or avoid going to shelters and rescues.


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If you are looking for a dog please consider adoption. Check out dog rescue sites like PetFinder to Adopt a Pet near you or go to your local animal shelter.  They usually have puppies for adoption as well as seniors.

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