We love Rescue Dog and Adoption Stories and will be doing a future episode of the Talent Hounds Documentary on Happy Tails! 

Rescue groups grew out of a need to save dogs in shelters  from euthenasia, and find them homes.  Millions of dogs go into shelters run by cities every year in North America – relinquished by owners, or strays from the street. Rescue orgs now also deal with dogs relinquished by owners directly and from places like Puppy Mills. They are usually run and funded by volunteers, and complement the shelters. Some of the top reasons for owners relinquishing dogs include moving, landlord doesn’t allow dogs, personal problems (financial, divorce, illness), too many pets- no room for more, cost, no time, and pet problems (illness, biting).

According to  Dogs Way Dog Rescue ,  as many as 6 million dogs may be killed every year in North America, or 16,000 every day, or one every 11 seconds.

We had a great time at the All About Pets Show catching up with some incredible and talented rescue dogs and organizations, plus of course the volunteers and adoptive “parents”.   Many of the Dogs featured on Talent Hounds are amazing examples as to how rescue dogs can be taught new tricks, can become loving gentle friends and most importantly a perfect addition to our lives!


We had the privilege of having Arthur, a special little dachshund, hang out at the Pet Network booth and appear in the Fashion Show with sister Heidi and Mom Margaret. Arthur was born without eyes and his breeder decided to take him to the vet to be euthanized at nine weeks old because he was “unsellable.” Thankfully the vet declined and he was put in the care of “Helping Homeless Pets,” a wonderful umbrella group based in Toronto,  where volunteer Margaret then adopted him. He’s a true rescue inspiration! Despite his lack of vision, this determined pup has learnt tricks and commands, walks on a leash and loves to play.  Margaret also rescued Heidi, who is wheelchair-bound but again, not handicapped.

Helping Homeless Pets was created in 2006 to help pets who need a new home and to help reduce the number of pets who may become homeless. They directly support 52 Pet Rescue Groups and try to educate future and current pet owners. Over 10,500 pets have found homes. Helping Homeless Pets, with the help of 40 orgs has developed the Canine Rescue Code of Ethics. the HHP Canine Rescue COE . We stopped by and talked to Rob and some other volunteers and dogs at their booth.

linzy (2)

The adorable Linzy,  won CBC’s “Over the Rainbow: The Search for Toto” in 2012 and appeared in Talent Hounds. She was also on hand at The Pet Network booth at the All About Pets show to wow the crowd. When Mom Reta rescued this beautiful little girl, she was warned Linzy would be un-trainable. Linzy had come from an unsettling past and had damage to her throat. Today you would never know! This happy little star has a twinkle in her eye, loves people and is an amazing performer.


We caught up with Kate from Dog-Ma Pet Rescue  , tireless volunteer, trainer at Who’s Walking Who and proud Mom of Big Al, Little Alex and Buddy who all appear in Talent Hounds (apparently black dogs have a harder time finding homes- very hard to understand why when you meet the Als and Sophia the Ulti-Mutt).

Then we could barely resist the fluffy white faces of the little puppies from Pawzie-Tively Precious American Eskimo Rescue! Both groups are members of HHP.


The adorable Westies at Westies in Need Rescue  greeted all who approached with bright eyes, wagging tails and inspirational “Happy Tails”.

We got the chance to chat backstage at the fashion show with several rescues including the great people and pugs from “Pugalug Pug Rescue”  who put on quite a show on the catwalk – or should we say “dog walk!”.

We stopped by to see our friends from the Boxer Rescue of Ontario,  who astonished us with amazing rescue story of Primo, the boxer who came severely underweight and malnourished before being nursed backed to health by foster mum Barb, and the extraordinary story of Brownie, a boxer found lost and homeless in the deserts of Kuwait who could only understand Arabic before being brought to Ontario to find his “furever home.”

We saw the very cute Yorkies at the Yorkshire Terrier booth. The breed organization also handle rescues. Hard to see anyone relinquishing these little cuties.

We chatted with the great organization dedicated to finding forever homes for greyhounds at After the Track Greyhound Adoption. We patted gorgeous Phi who had previously auditioned for Talent Hounds.

Our sound guy Matthew and his daughters were particularly keen to visit the Jack Russell Terrier Rescue of Ontario. They have one much loved feisty furry friend at home already.  Such smart energetic little charmers and we met 2 wonderful examples of Happy Tails.

We saw Southern Ontario  Animal Rescue a, Ontario SPCA, Dalmatian Adoption & Rescue, Loyal Rescue  and the Second Time Around Spaniel Rescue

We also wanted to give a shout out to Golden Rescue, one of the largest single breed rescue groups in Ontario ,who we met at last year’s show. They have found homes for over 1800 abandoned, unwanted or displaced Golden Retrievers since 1990.

Pet Finder currently lists nearly 14,000 Pet Rescue Organizations across Canada, US and Mexico and is home to 300,000 adoptable Pets. There are now breed specific rescue groups for nearly every canine breed and groups that rescue any dog. Rescue groups place most dogs in foster homes while they try to rehabilitate dogs and find “adoptive parents” for their dogs. Adopting a rescue dog is such an amazing opportunity. Not only are you giving a wonderful animal another chance at a happy life, you are forever changing your own.

All these rescue organizations deserves our support to keep on rescuing and finding forever homes for dogs in need!

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