Sushi the Rescue Pug rocking her Dog Wheelchair is Dog of the Day

Sushi the rescue pug in a wheelchair is our dog of the day

Sushi the 3-year-old rescue pug in her cool dog wheelchair rolled her way into our hearts.

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We met Emma, one of Sushi’s humans, at Woofstock and she shared with us her inspirational story. You could see in Emma’s eyes just how much she loves Sushi. She explained to us that the wheelchair Sushi rides around is one that her family had custom made. This wheelchair is what makes it possible for Sushi to enjoy outdoor events like the massive dog festival we met her at. Without her wheelchair, walking outside used to be painful for her. Her feet would drag on the pavement or ground when she walked but now her slick set of wheels keeps her upright and comfortable.

emma sushi's human

Sushi the Rescue Pug’s Story

Sushi came from a puppy mill where she was severely neglected. When her new family brought her to a dog neurologist to try and figure out what was causing her partial paralysis, they discovered that she had likely had a stroke. The stroke went completely untreated so her condition is now permanent.

sushi pug wheelchair

Luckily, Sushi was adopted by some amazing people who right from when they first brought her home, wanted to give her the best life possible. Sushi was mobile before without her wheelchair, but now with it, she’s unstoppable.

With her adorable little tongue hanging out and her cute pug butt wiggling as she charged ahead through the crowds- Sushi captured our hearts from afar and we couldn’t resist getting a video and finding out her story to share it with you.

You can check out our spotlight video on Sushi here:


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Isn’t Sushi just the cutest? Do you have a dog you think we should feature as a dog of the day? Comment below and share your story!


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