Talent Hounds Talks Pugs with Pet Radio Tomorrow

We are excited to announce that we will be joining our great friend Gizmo of Gizmo’s Frens tomorrow, Saturday July 25th, on the Pet Radio Show.

Susie and Kilo calling in

Don’t miss Robert from the Pet Radio Show  interviewing Susie about Kilo the Pug.

Kilo the Pug

Kilo is a mischievous 2-year-old little black Pug. He will celebrate his third birthday next week. He may be mixed with some other breed as he has lighter coloured paws and a long back. We are not sure because he is a rescue. I started fostering him from Homeward Bound Rescue on August 4th, 2014. He had been in 4 homes when we got him. He was only meant to be with us for a few weeks until my daughter went back to school and/or he found a forever home. Of course, we all fell for his cute little face and we have not been able to give Kilo up.

Kilo the Pug says "Never Give Up"

It is very important to do your research before you get any breed of dog (see our breed library if interested and talk to experts and owners). Pugs can be quirky, demanding and hard to train. They are not for everyone.


It is also important to understand the commitment if you are considering getting a puppy. All puppies are hard work. They make messes, chew things, wake up in the night, and need training and exercise. They also require vet visits, toys, food and treats.

Kilo is a lap dog, or a velcro dog. He is very very affectionate to the people he is attached to. He does not like strangers, particularly the postman. He sheds a lot and is incredibly greedy and protective about food (and food includes just about anything – he loves dirty tissues).

He can not run or walk too far which suits me as I have bad knees. My husband would prefer a bigger breed like our previous dogs Cookie and Isabelle (Lab mixes). However, he does have bursts of energy every hour or two and needs lots of mental and physical stimulation. We go for short walks then play games and do trick training.

You can see my love letter to Kilo for the #iheartmydog fundraising campaign. He is not perfect but he is perfect for me.

Find out more about Kilo The Pug Tomorrow on the Pet Radio Show.

The Pet Radio Show

The Pet Radio Show is a live broadcast and podcast about dogs, cats, and all pets in general. The pet podcasts are fun and informative. Host Robert has interviewed lots of our friends who are making a difference including Hero Dogs Harley and Hudson (don’t forget to vote), Smiley, Ricochet, Chopper, Norbert and Lil’ Bub and many others.

Gizmo doing radio show

Gizmo of Gizmo’s Frens does a regular report – the Gizmo Report – every second Saturday at 1.00pm.

You can call in 323-784-9646

We love Gizmo and his handler Jenifer – they really make a difference in the world.


Each show is presented to offer informative and specific information to an audience of all ages, pet owners or hobbyists, in a fun but detailed oriented manner.

Host and founder Robert is a long time pet lover. He has his own 6-year-old dog Buster and used to have an aquarium business. Buster is apparently part Beagle, Pug, Corgi and American Eskimo – quite the mix and very cute.

Pet Radio Show launched in June of 2012 and the audience quickly grew with partnerships including Bow Tie Inc, APDT, and White Gate Public Relations to bring professional writers and authors, dog trainers, innovative and new products, television personalities, pet professionals and rescues, and industry leaders as guests to the show. They reached a milestone of 70,000 downloads per month in December of 2012. You can listen live or to archived interviews.

They have a strong commitment to responsible pet ownership, ethical pet treatment, and education.

10 percent of advertising revenue is donated to pet rescues. We love that.









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  • I’m so glad that you and Kilo found each other. He may have his challenges, but he seems like such a wonderful guy. The photos you post of him make me smile. I hope you have a ton of fun on Pet Talk Radio! Gizmo seems like a great guy too. 🙂