Rescued from a Dumpster, Two-Legged Cupid has Stolen all of our Hearts

two-legged rescue puppy cupid steals heartsYou may have seen the adorable little Great Pyrenees cross two-legged rescue puppy Cupid who was found in a dumpster after being thrown away for being born different on our Facebook Page. How could your heart not melt when you look at that little face full of hope. We were so touched by this story of a local community coming together and inspired by a puppy that never gave up. He is still a little love-bug in spite of being born without legs, treated horribly (his tail was injured) and tossed away like garbage by humans.

So many people have stepped up for this puppy; the girls who found Cupid in the dumpster, the rescue that’s taken him in (The Dog Rescuers Inc),  the vets who have treated him,  the foster home keeping him safe and warm, the strangers who have donated to support him, and PawsAbility that is currently getting him fitted with some new front legs.

If like us, you were hoping for an update on Cupid, here’s all the info we have right now:

Settling into his foster home

Cupid, Janice and Joan from PawsAbility, from TheDogRescuersInc Facebook

Cupid, Joan, and Janice from PawsAbility, taken from TheDogRescuersInc Facebook

Cupid is doing well in his foster home. A representative of the rescue told us that his foster mom and dad are incredibly patient and kind. They are diligently working to get him used to greater mobility. Thank you to them for all that they do!! Cupid is  having a blast playing with the other dogs in his foster home and seems very happy to have been given a chance to be a fun loving puppy just like any other!

Getting a new set of legs

Cupid trying out his new legs from TheDogRescuersInc Facebook

Cupid trying out his new legs. Taken from TheDogRescuersInc Facebook

Last week he had his first fitting for his new prosthetic legs and City News Toronto covered the story, sharing a heartwarming video of Cupid’s first steps that you can watch on their website HERE. The Toronto-based organization PawsAbility that specializes in prosthetic and orthotic services for animals has been working hard to make sure that Cupid’s new legs will fit just right and that they will work well for him. The Dog Rescuer’s Inc. has been very impressed by the attentiveness of PawsAbility and had wonderful things to say about the work they do and about Janice Olynich, the visionary founder of the company.

Cupid’s prospects for adoption

Cupid and Dr. Dev from Fourth Line Animal Hospital who have been helping with a lot of his care, from TheDogRescuersInc facebook

Cupid and Dr. Dev from Fourth Line Animal Hospital who have been helping with a lot of his care. Courtesy of TheDogRescuersInc on  Facebook

Applications for Cupid’s adoption are not being reviewed yet.  The rescue has received overwhelming interest in Cupid and won’t be reviewing applicants until he’s had time to adjust to his new legs and is “up and running” in a few weeks. The Dog Rescuers Inc. is looking for the best possible home for him. This would ideally be a home where someone is around during the day, and there are no young children. The family should have the financial means to support a special needs dog as Cupid will need some physiotherapy and at some point, a new set of prosthetic legs.

The many other dogs deserving of our love

The Dog Rescuers Inc. however, wants to encourage people to look at the many other dogs they have currently seeking their forever homes. So many of these dogs have equally sad and heartbreaking stories. From dogs who have been hit by cars and abandoned, to dogs that have been rescued from unsavory breeding situations, all of these dogs are deserving of as much love and attention as sweet Cupid has gotten.

cupid and foster mom

Cupid and his foster mom Linda. Courtesy of TheDogRescuersInc Facebook

If you are seriously considering adopting or fostering a dog take a look at this helpful article that has some important questions to ask yourself before making a commitment to care for a new animal. Fostering or adopting a dog can be a very rewarding experience (as I know from Kilo the Pug and my previous rescues) However, particularly if you’re interested in a dog with special needs, there are some important things to consider before making such a big decision.


How can you help today?

A fundraiser is being held this weekend at St. Joseph’s Banquet and Conference Center in Oakville and despite tickets no longer being on sale, donations for Cupid’s care and the care of all the other dogs at The Dog Rescuers inc. are being gladly accepted via this website at any time. You can also apply to foster or adopt.

We will continue to monitor Cupid’s progress.

Do you have an inspirational story about a rescue like Cupid? Would you consider fostering or adopting a puppy with special needs?

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