The Best Holiday Commercials With Pets

I watch a lot of television around Christmas as I love holiday Movies and the Fall Season Finales. I always love to see brands using pets in their commercials in new and interesting ways. The competition for the best Christmas ad of the year kicked off at the start of November. Everyone anticipated the release of the iconic annual John Lewis commercial, but other brands have also set the bar pretty high for this year’s festive showdown. Enjoy our round-up up of some of the best 2016 ads that feature pets.


Relive the fun of the 2016 Superbowl Commercials featuring dogs

John Lewis’ massively popular commercial captures the joy of Christmas morning… and jumping on a trampoline for both humans and pets. There is a stream of videos online of dogs recreating the bouncy boxer Buster (or Biff in real life) that are also worth watching. They apparently spent one million pounds on the production of the ad which mixes live-action and CGI animation brilliantly.

John Lewis has also created a range of accompanying toys for each animal featured in the ad, with proceeds going to benefit the Wildlife Trust.

They also launched a Snapchat filter to further engage audiences of all ages.

MTV’s A Christmas Furry Tail has dogs star in the music channel’s seasonal campaign as they re-create the music videos to three Christmas classics – East 17’s “Stay Another Day”, The Pogues “Fairytale of New York” and Wizzard’s “I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday”.

PetSmart has a great line-up of holiday advertisements for the holidays. But who could resist this one that showcases a family coming together for a Christmas feast.

Imagine a world where cats host dinner parties for dogs and Santa’s helpers have paws. Le Holiday Feast captures the funny in their new advert.

The UK’s PDSA debuted a heartwarming advert that reminds us to help rescues and animals shelters over the holidays. Get the tissues ready.

The whole family is singing Christmas carols in TK Maxx’s Christmas ad.

Anyone with a cat understands this advert by Temptations.

Target – Getting Ready for the Holidays with Bullseye.

M&S 2016 Christmas Ad: Christmas with love from Mrs Claus

English for Beginners

Get your tissues- so heartwarming.

What’s Your Favorite Holiday Commercial of 2016?

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