Sara and Hero of the Super Collies Audition for America’s Got Talent

Sara and Hero the Super Collie Auditioned for America's Got Talent and their lives changed in a day. Read the full story here

Of course, you know how we feel about talent, training and dogs… If you’ve ever watched America’s Got Talent you know that the show is full of incredibly talented and interesting performers of all kinds. Our friends the Olate Dogs featured on Talent Hounds thrilled us and WON in 2012.

If you even just make it through the auditions on the show, your life is sure to change.  Well, get ready because our own Backseat Barkers and Talent Hounds stars Sara Carson and Hero the Super Collie auditioned and we were all sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to find out what happened on the show! They made it through in a nail biter with full support from Simon- incredible performance and TV moments. Love Simon, love the show. I cried.

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Sara and Hero the Super Collie

Sara and Hero Backstage on AGT

Though it may seem like it happens overnight, a lot of work is put into training then preparing to audition for a show like AGT. Sara is a gifted dog trainer and performer. She got Border Collie Hero as a puppy and has spent every day since developing their bond and teaching him tricks and behaviors. She has also helped me and many members of our audience and her fans with great training tips (she is launching a training app which I plan to download ASAP for Kilo the Pug)


Hero is not only an amazing entertainer, but also a Qualified Therapy dog and has awards and certificates in Herding Instinct, Worlds Youngest Champion Trick Dog (At only 4 months old), Dock Jumping and Agility!


As well as dazzling audiences with Talent Hounds, Hero has given David Letterman Kisses, Performed for Marilyn Denis and CityTV, Played Basket Ball on Animal Planet and Skateboarded on The Family Channel.  He has hosted the Canadian Pet Expo and won the Stupid Dog Trick Contest at Woofstock more than once. You can read more about Hero and Sara in this article about how Hero is one of the Most Talented Trick Dogs in the World.

Auditioning for America’s Got Talent

Hero on Sara's Back on AGT

Now, Sara and Hero are taking on all of America on AGT and it’s sure to be a night to remember. In a teaser released this weekend we see the briefest of clips of Simon Cowell on stage giving Sara a hug.

Sara Carson gets a hug from Simon Cowell after america's got talent

We’re pretty optimistic that she and Hero wowed the judges and audience of AGT the way they’ve wowed us so many times before! You can see the teaser here:

Be sure to tune in tonight on CityTV in Canada or NBC in America to watch Sara and Hero’s full audition! We can’t wait to see what happens and we’ll be sure to update the post! Update: They are through!!! YAY!!!

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