Pick up the poop game teaches kids to pick up after their dogs

This weekend at the Canadian Pet Expo, Talent Hounds and Kids’ Pet Club will be hosting a booth, filming auditions, taking photos and organizing activities for kids and pets to learn and enjoy!

We’ve put our own spin on the traditional Easter Egg Hunts so many of us enjoyed as kids with our new “Pick Up The Poop Game”. Chocolate is bad for dogs so we did not want to hide chocolate eggs – if you want to make eggs, try carob. This unique game of “Pick up the Poop” will soon be available for kids to play online on our Kids’ Pet Club Web Site but we will running a special live relay team version over Easter weekend! 

Why this game is so great for kids

Picking up after pets is one of the biggest lessons for young pet owners to learn and our game aims to make the once undesirable task of cleaning up dog poop just a little bit more fun and and a lot more rewarding!

KPC Plastic Dog Poop Pic

Plastic Poop for Kids’ Pet Club Game

3 Really Good Reasons to Pick Up The Poop

  1. When it rains, storm water can carry animal waste and other contaminants into water sources. This can pose serious health risks.
  • Animal waste can add nitrogen to the water. This in turn, can deplete the oxygen in the water. Oxygen is necessary for underwater grasses, wildlife and fish to survive.
  • Animal waste can also contain harmful organisms such as bacteria and parasites which can be spread to humans and other animals by ingesting or touching that contaminated water or touching the contaminated soil.
  • Roundworms and hookworms from infected animals can live in the soil for long periods of time and also be transmitted to other animals and humans.

2. Real Dog Poop looks and smells gross. Nobody wants to step in it or see or smell it lying on the grass or path. Throw it away in a sealed bag.

3. It’s the law in most urban centres – you have to clean up after your dog on walks.

If you are a responsible pet owner and pick up your dog’s poop, your neighbours will  not resent you and your dog/s. I have 2 neighbours who hate the dogs on our street and scream at everyone to keep away from the public grassed area in front of their homes because several people do not pick up the poop. These selfish few who leave a smelly mess ruin it for everyone else.  If you are considerate, you will build harmony and also encourage business owners like hotel, shop and restaurant managers to accept pets more which will make most of us happy.

It’s so easy to clean up if you carry little plastic bags in your pocket or I tie mine to Kilo the Pug’s leash. The bags and poop can then be sealed and thrown away in the garbage.

Our New Game Perfect Family Fun for Birthday Parties or Easter Egg Hunts

Materials You Need:

  • Plastic, fake poops like above- we bought 21 pieces.
  • 2 Trash cans
  • Poop bags
  • Timer
  • Prizes

How to Play the Game

Set up

Pick a date and a location to gather some friends together.

Make sure you have enough supplies before the date. (We found our stash of plastic poop at a local prank shop. You could also make your own.)

Prepare the playing area by hiding an uneven number of plastic or homemade fake poop around. We recommend making some poop obvious but also giving the kids a bit of a challenge by hiding some more thoroughly like under furniture or inside of something they might not think to check.

1. Split the kids into two even teams.

You can play this game with as few as 1 or 2 people and still have a great time!

2. Have the kids line up next to two trash cans.

3. Set a timer for 1-5 minutes

(depending on the number of kids and the number of “Easter Eggs” or poops)

4. Have one kid from each team go at the same time.

5. Each kid runs and locates one poop at a time to pick up with a bag and return to throw it in the trash.

6. Once the kid before has found a poop, picked it up in the bag and put it in the trash the next kid on their team gets to go and do the same.

7. The game ends when the timer runs out and the team with the most poops properly in their trash can wins!

We hope to see you at the Canadian Pet Expo. We will be at our booth and then the Game will be run in the main arena after the wonderful Woofjocks afternoon performance. We’ll also have book-readings and pet ambassador and celebrity trick dog demos & meet and greets.

Let us know if your child would like to participate. We’ll have lots of prizes.


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