Love my pug puppy Kilo

I wanted to share how happy I am that I got a foster baby on Saturday afternoon- a little boy pug called Kilo. I thought I would start by fostering as there is such a desperate need, and my future plans are a little uncertain right now. He is adorable, and I am even more besotted than I thought I would be. I am already thinking I may be a foster failure after 3 days.

TH Kilo 7

He is so loving to me and the rest of my family – he really enjoys attention, treats, pats and hugs. He has big bursts of energy, and plays happily with his toys, then snoozes next to me the rest of the day – so sweet, except this morning at 6.15am when my husband got him up but then he decided he wanted to puppy play with me on my bed. We have lots of short walks to avoid any accidents and to get out and about without draining him in the heat and humidity.

TH Kilo park

He is already learning that it is more effective to walk next to me than to pull. He still lunges and yaps/snaps at anyone or anything new, especially if they approach or scare him. Nothing we can’t help with love, training, socialization and patience I hope. Rescues Rock!

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

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  • What a cutie and love the name Kilo. We might foster too … Happy BlogPaws WW. Golden Woofs

  • piranha Banana 3 years ago

    I believe we would be foster failures to with a sweet little baby like that – WOOF!

  • piranha Banana 3 years ago

    I believe we would be foster failures too, with a sweet little baby like that – WOOF!

  • He is simply adorable! I know that I would be an epic foster failure!

  • He is adorable! You sound like a fantastic foster parent, or parent! I just adopted a puppy who is a combination pug-westie, but looks a lot like your pup! I kind of hope you adopt him!

  • We could never have a foster because we would adopt. Mom falls in love hard and fast. Luckily there are people that can give love and then pass on the pet. Enjoy your time with Kilo if you don’t adopt 😉

  • I have been very fortunate to have wonderful foster parents for both my dogs. However, once home I don’t think I could let them go, which is why I’d be a lousy candidate to foster. I wish you the best as you go forward with this process.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Thanks so much. It is my first time fostering- I have previously adopted (Kim lived to 17, Isabelle to 16 and my rescue cat Nala is over 17 now). Starting to think I may not be the best candidate either LOL. Have a great week. XS

  • OMD. He is adorable!!! I fear he may not be a foster for long. Happy WW

  • Kilo is adorable! If you’re a foster failure that’s because it was meant to be! Love Dolly

  • Sounds like Kilo got lucky with an awesome foster family. I hope he finds a forever home soon 🙂

  • Who could resist that little face? I think I would be a foster failure too. You’ll have to keep us posted on what you decide to do.

  • He’s adorable! I’ve never seen those colors on a pug! All black, yes, but not the white trim and tan feet.

  • He is too cute! I can’t wait until we’re in a place where I can foster.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      TX My place is not perfect but I figured we could manage, and there seemed to be so many urgent fosters needed. Have a great week. XS

  • Kilo! I love that name. That was one of my nominees for our (now) four-year-old 98-pound German shepherd. He was the fattest one in his litter. My doggie daddy didn’t go for it though, and we named him Leonidas, or Leo.

  • He is a cutie! That is awesome that you are fostering him! What a lucky guy!

  • OMD! He’s so cute! And Kilo is a very cute name for him! We would like to foster but I might have to wait until the hubs retires so he can help! The place I volunteer needs puppy fosters, but you have to keep them separated from your own pup (I guess because they’re not fully vaccinated yet?) which would be complicated with Rita and the way our house is set up. Can’t wait to hear more about Kilo!

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Yes- my hubby has been helping, as an early riser and likes to walk. Loves dogs but not entirely happy as working so hard at the moment and Kilo is quite demanding in the morning. We have to keep him separate from cat and any dogs as attacks. Rather complicated for my poor rescue cat who is 17 and very grumpy/bossy at the best of times. She has tried to put him in his place unsuccessfully so heading to trainer for advice. xs

  • OMD…so very cute!!!

  • What an adorable little guy!!! I fostered for many years. Had a few failures. 😉 One of those failures is still with us. Kilo is a cutie!

  • That is so great that you are fostering Kilo! We are fostering Steeler and know exactly what you are talking about with the frequent walks and the challenges with the leash walking. Can’t wait to hear about your progress.

    • Profile photo of Talent Hounds

      Let’s share tips. He is so food and attention motivated that he is doing pretty well walking, unless a person or dog or cat passes. He naturally likes to be next to me but need to work on social skills- did you? Any things that worked?

  • I SO cannot blame you if you become a foster “failure”! Kilo is just too cute! 🙂

  • Kilo looks very sweet. When I fostered, I was determined not to “fail.” And luckily, Onyxx was not my type of dog so it made it easier for me!

  • Oooh, I love his little mismatched feet! <3