Love Photos Of Dogs and Kids?


Who doesn’t? They are just so cute. I can spend hours looking at adorable pictures of babies and kids or at galleries of pictures of animals online. It’s hard not to smile at their sweet, guileless faces. The combination of both is irresistible.

We just celebrated Family Day here in Toronto so it seemed fitting to celebrate families of kids and dogs.


Cutest Baby and Puppy

TH My Dog cover170x170

In our Puppy Love and Dogs Make A Difference episodes, Dr Stanley Coren explained that there can actually be health benefits and chemicals released in the brain when you look at, pat, cuddle and smell a puppy that in some cases, are similar to the effect of taking anti-depressants or holding a human baby. So maybe looking at cute photos of dogs and kids is actually good for you too.


Dogs have also been linked to helping children learn in programs like R.E.A.D or Red Rover and helping to helping reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, and helping teach children learn empathy. So maybe looking at cute photos of dogs and kids is actually good for you too. We hope to explore that theory further in our next documentary “Man’s best Mend-The Healing Power of Dogs”.

Enjoy this series of photos of dogs and children together courtesy of the Talent Hound Community and events.

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