What Makes You Happy?

We are very happy to have been nominated to join in this event by Fiona and Muffin the Muse and thank you to Ariel’s little corner of the internet for creating this event. It is an excellent idea to sit back every now and then and think about what makes you happy. In my case, that includes taking stock of how lucky I am. It is difficult to narrow it down to only 8 Photos of Happiness as life is good right now.

What is happiness?

You know happiness when you feel it.  It is a state of well-being. The word is generally used to describe a range of positive emotions, including joy, pride, satisfaction, contentment, and gratitude. Some scientists believe that feeling happy is a sign that we are safe, which allows our brains to function on a higher level than merely deciding on ‘fight or flight’. It seems that emotions like fear and anger serve to narrow our focus and help us survive while happiness expands our thinking and helps us to succeed in building our relationships and our resources.

Happiness is complicated. It can be a result of a mysterious mix of chemicals in the brain and experiences. Some people have trouble feeling happiness. Others are naturally optimistic. I often hear the expression “be more like a Dog- Don’t sweat little things and appreciate the good in your life”.

Here are my Photos of what has brought me immense pleasure lately:

Kilo the Pug


For the last few months, I would say Kilo the Pug has made me very happy. He is not without his challenges, but somehow, even making progress on his challenges is rewarding and generates positive emotions. His adorable little face with his big eyes, his affection, his unbridled enthusiasm for me and food, his funny personality- they all make me smile. Looking at him releases positive endorphins and improves my mood. Patting his silky coat as he sits beside me on the couch reduces stress. Spoiling him, feeding him, playing with him, training him, walking him, cuddling him, even talking about him- all make me happy. He’s my adorable little baby. The fact that he is also my mascot and sidekick at work is also fun.

Susie and Kilo the Pug happy hugging

The Rest of My Family

I am very lucky to have 2 darling daughters, a wonderful husband, 2 amazing parents, and a beautiful brother.  They all make me feel very happy and loved (most of the time). One of my daughters was very sick a few years ago. That made me deeply unhappy. At the moment, everyone is healthy and doing well.

Susie's family photo


Looking at Water- Oceans, Lakes, Ponds, and Pools – makes me very Happy. I love walking on a beach, snorkelling, surfing, swimming in a lake and watching dogs, dolphins or whales in water (free not in tanks of course).

Coach taking a leap of faith into Lake

Dinner With Friends

A Great Dinner with Good Friends, Good Simple Food and Lots of Good (heavy) Red Wine makes me very happy. Inside jokes, good conversation and delicious tastes are a great combo.

Susie's dinner with best friends


Kilo dancing in black tie

Dancing and even watching others dancing makes me happy. Kilo and I dance around every day. I particularly like dancing to “We are young“, ” Baby you’re a firework” and “Tonight’s going to be a good night“. Kilo is not fussy as long as he gets treats and attention. He often channels MJ.

Puppies (and most baby animals)

TH ALEX cute

It may be cliche, but looking at cute baby animals, especially puppies, makes me happy.

Work – Talent Hounds

group shot at canadian pet expo

I like to work. I have a lot of creative energy and passion. I get enormous satisfaction from producing content, especially photos and videos. Helping others and sharing positive messages is also very rewarding. I get very bored and unhappy if I do not have challenges. I am quite competitive and love pitching and winning. I am also very sociable, so social media makes me very happy – both the gamification aspect and the friends to communicate with.  I also like the people I work with and the dogs. Success in business makes me happy- I just need to define exactly what that success is and set realistic goals.

What makes you happy?  I nominate the following amazing friends to share 8 Photos of Happiness on their blogs (or Facebook Pages if they don’t have blogs).

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