We are very excited about NEW BROADCASTS of our Talent Hounds film this week on The Pet Network, as well as on the  ichannel in Canada.

The Pet Network
Monday, June 24:  10am / 4pm / 10pm
ichannel (ichannel is available all across Canada, for less than the price of a latte each month).
Wednesday June 26: 10am / 3pm / 9pm / 12 midnight


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Check the channel websites above, and look for details on how to access the channels.
Talent Hounds is a one-hour television documentary that analyzes the history of dogs and showcases their talents and changing roles in our lives. It follows the ways man’s best friend has evolved from wolf to co-habitant to trained worker to child or much-loved companion for many people today- from foe to friend to family.
For a Review of the Film by the editor of Dogs Dogs Dogs click here
To watch the Trailer click here


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