NEW Halloween Contest- Trick or Treat?


We just launched our new Halloween CONTEST. Enter to win treats for you and your dog/s, $ and a personalized t-shirt simply by telling us if you choose trick or treat HERE Bonus prizes for photos of dogs doing tricks or in costumes.

Halloween Pups IMG_1302


New Talent Hounds Dog Breed Library

We are also launching our new dog breed library this week starting with a few things we have learned about over 30 of the most popular dog breeds in our Talent Hounds community. Click HERE


Our objective is to share some photos, insights and tips from dog parents to help people choose the right breed for their lifestyle and personality. We hope to offer a small interactive complement to important resources like vets, trainers and the AKC, CKC, AHS, rescue orgs and various breed specific groups.


We believe that helping people to do research about breeds and needs before they get a puppy or dog is one of the best ways to help reduce the number of dogs surrendered to shelters and rescues.


I would love any pals/experts/parents on this blog hop to share a photo or a quote or a tip to include (plus let us know if we have left out any key information or breeds, and if you see anything we could improve). You can add in comments or by e-mail or on FB.


Happy Halloween be safe! See you in Atlanta tomorrow if you are attending Barkworld.

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