New foster Pug puppy Kilo- Rescues Rock!

I just got Kilo the foster dog from Homeward Bound Rescue.  Kilo is the cutest little Pug pup, so affectionate and sweet. Lots of gentle pug hugs and kisses for me. He is around 2 apparently, but very youthful and playful. He has a beautiful shiny coat and is very fit.

TH Kilo4

Unfortunately he barks and lunges at anything or anyone new, especially if they move towards him.  Not well socialized yet and a bit insecure, but he doesn’t seem to bite except play chewing fingers if over excited, and can be very quickly calmed down with a refocus, a treat, a sit and a quiet, firm pat and voice.

TH training Kilo

He started out a freight train on a leash. After 4 walks, redirects, marking and rewarding with a few tiny pieces of treats and pats (Barnsdale Farm chicken he loves luckily), he has improved so much.

TH Kilo park 2TH Kilo park

He is an agile little ninja and can jump and climb over barriers, or move things so we are supervising him constantly. He is dying to play with my 17 year old cat but she is not at all keen, so that has been a problem.

TH Kilo3

He went to sleep in his crate at 10.30 pm and slept until 6.00am snoring happily.  He is now snoozing again while I post.


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