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Paws Up & Celebrate: Susan Nation is pleased to announce that Hop To It Productions is back in production on The Talent Hounds project.  After the success of the one-hour documentary, which premiered in April 2013, national broadcaster The Pet Network has ordered a new documentary series for 2014 exploring the most popular areas of interest in the Talent Hounds Community ( Rescue Happy Tails, Service and Therapy Dog Stories, Puppies and Health/Fitness.

The One Hour Documentary and the new Series will be represented by Distribution360 starting at MIPCOM in October.  Kirsten of D360 says “We are thrilled to add Talent Hounds to our lineup, especially since there continues to be a demand for high quality pet programming internationally.”

Consistent with the Talent Hounds mission statement of Celebrating Dogs with Talent and Promoting Responsible Pet Parenting, the new episodes will deliver inspirational entertaining stories about the amazing ways Dogs and Puppies are enriching our lives. They will give insights into how to find the perfect dog and how to keep them healthy and happy.

Susan Nation said “I feel extremely privileged to be able to work with the Pet Network to showcase such talented dogs, share heart-warming fun stories and support friends, volunteers and organizations who work tirelessly to save and bring out the best in dogs.”

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Episode Details:

Rescues/Happy Tails: Audiences will be introduced to Rescue dogs including: Boomer who will share his Happy Tail of being born paralysed saved on his deathbed and loving doing Lure Coursing in a wheel chair; Inica whose heroic actions saved his diabetic owner’s life; Cora, Blue, Arthur, Linzy and Sophia who have overcome adversity to dazzle with their love, tricks and talents.

Service/Therapy Dogs: They will see dogs helping children in hospitals and hospices like Bella and Sophia, a ball team of Mobility Assistance Dogs, examples of the latest from NSD and Dog Guides Canada, other Service and Therapy Dogs in action and more.

In Puppy Love: the magic of our relationship with puppies will be explained and audiences will see how to choose the right breed and what to do and what not to do when they bring their Puppy home.

Family Fun: Health and wellness are hot buttons in the Talent Hounds community with weight a large and expensive problem (canine and human). The fourth episode will showcase exciting ideas and helpful tips from our experts about getting fit and having fun with your family (including your furkids of course) with sports like Dock Jumping, Agility, Disc and Canine Freestyle, as well as more traditional outdoor activities like Hiking Swimming. We will be supporting the efforts of Slim Doggy  with the exciting PetsMove Project.

To ensure community members and the broader public can share their stories and in an effort to support rescues, the Talent Hounds Team is currently holding monthly open casting call contests titled ‘Make us smile.’ Owners are encouraged to sign up and submit their dog’s story. Winners will be drawn randomly from the submissions each month. They will be featured on the Talent Hounds website and will also win prizes like big boxes of tasty Bullwrinkles and Barnsdale Farm Select Treats and Super Scoopy Bags for themselves and  a registered rescue organization. All submissions will be considered for the series.

The Talent Hounds Team will also be attending live events in Ontario promoting adoption and seeking out heart-warming stories and Hot Diggity news in September and October.

The Talent Hounds Series will be part of the strong new 2014 Pet Network programming line-up and is produced by Hop To It Productions with the assistance of The Canada Media Fund, The Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, the Canadian Media Production Association, Bullwrinkles/Barnsdale Farms Treats and the Talent Hounds Community of trainers, vets and dog lovers.


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