Rescue Dogs Rock!

First good news – We are now an approved Foster Family for Homeward Bound Rescue (HBR). Woohoo- can’t wait.

HBR is a volunteer-run, foster home-based rescue in Ontario. that rescues brachycephalic (flat faced breeds) such as Bulldogs, Pugs, and Boxers.


Second good news – Today we spent the afternoon with lovely Linzy and Reta working on our Rescues Rock campaign. Linzy is amazing proof that rescues are adorable and trainable. Me getting some Linzy love!

TH Susie & Linzy TH Susie Reta Linzy

We had so much fun filming her in action showing us tricks and correcting misconceptions. Which pic do you prefer??

Linzy couldn’t believe the sign so she crossed out NOT LOL

TH Linzy sees blackboard

TH Linzy tilt

TH Linzy + blackboard

TH Linzy + sign

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