Hot Diggity – The Talent Hounds Team was on location for the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair(RAWF13) in Toronto and had a blast.

We met our idol Victoria Stilwell, saw a super show by the President’s Choice Super Dogs and had a fun photo taken with our friends at The Pet Network Booth.

Victoria Stilwell

We loved seeing Victoria Stilwell with celebrity host Ann Rohmer from CP24 Animal House Calls in the ring of the new President’s Choice Animal Theatre talking about training dogs.

Victoria is a passionate trainer using only positive reinforcement methods- great philosophy! Positive reinforcement means that if you reward a behaviour you like, there’s a better chance of that behaviour being repeated. Positive reinforcement can be paired with negative punishment (not shouting, shock, force or violence but the removal or withholding of something the dog wants like food, attention, toys, or human contact for a short period of time) or using a vocal interrupter to redirect negative behaviour onto a wanted behaviour and then guide a dog into making the right choices.  These methods, combined with an awareness that most dogs are not trying to be dominant and want to be loved, are what she calls ‘positive training.’ Some old school trainers argue that positive training shows weakness and a lack of leadership, but we believe that many of the most respected and successful leaders are able to effect change without the use of force like Victoria.

Below shows Victoria demoing getting a shy or anxious dogs to be less fearful. Anne and Victoria weren’t shy to get down and dirty with the dogs – Victoria’s tip was to “become more like a dog” and get on their level. She suggested digging or lying down and playing dead and the dog should become interested and investigate.

TH Victoria S 2

The audience tweeted live during her performance, giving dog owners her expert tips as they were happening with the #Stilwelltips!  Here are 2:
– Want to get your dog to stop jumping up? Simply turn your back and ignore the behaviour and your dog will learn that that is not a rewarded behaviour.
– Your dog can hear pitches that humans cannot, so remember you don’t have to yell!
This little guy had a spinal problem that forced him to become wheelchair bound. Anne, Victoria and his owner each wanted to spread the message to never give up. This little dog was able to learn and adapt to his wheelchair in just one week and now enjoys life! His owner is an angel. Woohoo!
If you missed Victoria, she mentioned she is busy working on her TV series and she should be back in TO in the spring. Stay tuned for other exciting news from her in 2014 that had one fan and future trainer planning a trip to Atlanta. Get your copy of Victoria’s book, Train Your Dog Positively on her site HERE

Here are some pics of our friends at The Pet Network Booth- love the new t-shirts!  They are taking fantastic photos and offering a chance to win a great prize at the booth! Don’t miss out and good luck to all that entered!



The President’s Choice PC Super Dogs put on a Super Star show- Such Talented Hounds!!!



For over 35 years, the President’s Choice PC SuperDogs have captured headlines across the globe as Canada’s most beloved furry attraction.  Touring constantly to major fairs and exhibitions in North America, the show consists of the family pets of over 150 experienced trainers.  Their athleticism and delightful antics have captured the attention of crowds everywhere. Many of the dogs are rescues which we love. For more information on the Super Dogs and their upcoming events click HERE


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