A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who entered our  “SUMMER LOVE CONTEST” and congratulations to the Lucky CONTEST WINNERS: Dawn and Denise

The Two Winners have won fabulous prizes: TALENT HOUNDS SUMMER GIFT PACKS (estimated retail value over C$100 each!!), including A Talent Hounds T-shirt and DVD, delicious Bullwrinkles Treats, handy Super Scoopy Bags + a VISA Gift Card!

Dawn of Philadelphia loves dogs, especially Crispy below because:

They love you unconditionally…no matter what, they love you! they will stay faithfully by your side, love you and protect you

Even cats love Crispy:



Denise of Evans, Colorado loves dogs because:

I love dogs because of their funny antics and loyalty. Here is her cute puppy Bindi below:

TH Bindo contest winner

Who wouldn’t love this face: Harry


Look out for our next contest – woohoo woof woof.




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  • Dawn Cook 4 years ago

    hello i am listed at a winner! for some reason in your phone call it saying my email wasn’t working, if you can call again (my phone won’t let me call Canada) please do so, i was walking my dog when you called or you can contact me at dmc0067@aol.com thank you so much!